Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Mask for One Occasion

     Okay, maybe more than one, but they all sort of relate.  The Vile Fumigator's Mask, contained in the Heart-Shaped Box during Love Is In The Air, is all kinds of awesome.  You get the really cool gas mask look in the front, but to add to the evil/creepy/awesomeness, you get two huge gas canisters on your back.  It's got an on-use function that emits a cloud of purple gas and incapacitates all enemies in front of you. 

     Now, my RP side is going to show a little bit here, but I think this would be really great to have with an all-white clothing set.  I mean white pants, white shirt, white gloves, black boots, and no other weapons equipped.  Unless you can equip a big butterfly net.  Then do that.

     If I ever manage to put it together (with an undead character, because I can't very well go stomping big bugs as a wimply male belf... female maybe), I will walk through various major cities asking if someone called for an exterminator.

     That's just the kind of random crap I do with my toys in WoW.

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  1. When I got this on my hunter the first thing I did was run to transmog it, and I am not a mogger really. I was quite upset that a fun item like this could not be transmogged unless you are a cloth wearer to begin with. It made for a very sad hunter.