Thursday, March 22, 2012

MoP Stuff

     I just spent a little time over at Wowhead's MoP item list... 2232 items during my time there...

     There are a few things that I'm pretty interested to see.  The first thing I want to see is Ling-Ting's Favorite Tea, which, on use, will cause the user to see some strange stuff.  Hopefully it will be an alchemy recipe (my main is an alchemist, you see) and will be used for tons of fun or something.

     Alternatively, I would like the strange things to be some form of beast that we have to kill and then get good loot from.  That, I think, would be very interesting... Sort of like the Wolpertingers during brewfest... Drink up, see a weird bunny-deer-bird thing.

     The next two items I'm looking at pretty hard are the Silver Filigree Flask and the Strange Spherical Stone, both of which are apparently quest-starters for alchemy.  I like that we're seeing other professions getting daily quests, but I wonder how effective alchemy will be if people have to start grinding dailies in order to get the different recipes they need.  I know I'll have to spend a lot of extra time grinding if that's the case, since I can't stand not having recipes for alchemy.

     I realize this entry is incredibly short compared to the other bloggers out there, but I didn't really feel like going in to tons of detail at the moment.  These are the three items that I was interested in.  Hallucinogens and Quest Items.

     Nothing can possibly go wrong there.


  1. It would be really funny if, after drinking the tea, you see monsters you can kill and everything, but everyone else around you only sees your character flipping out and attacking the air. :D

    1. The buff would have to read "...took the purple acid" or something like that.
      Yeah, seeing someone start freaking out and casting spells all over the place in the middle of a city would be hilarious. Also, the buff should last for an hour or so, with the enemies just randomly attacking you wherever you are. AFK? Don't care. In the auction house? Don't care. Behind the gates for a battleground? DON'T FREAKIN' CARE.

      Freakymobs are everywhere...