Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Most Important Drink Ever

     I've always liked the unexpected results of "scientific" experimentation.  Especially when using oneself as the guinea pig.  The best example of self-testing pseudo-science would be Noggenfogger Elixir, purchaseable from Sprinkle Noggenfogger in Gadgetzan, Tanaris.  Before Cataclysm, you had to do a pretty extensive questline to be able to purchase these.  Now, however, you're only required to be level 35.

     You can get one of three buffs from drinking Noggenfogger, but not to worry, as you can drink and drink and drink until you've gotten all three together, if that's your thing.

     The first one transforms your character into a skeleton.  It also allows you to spend more time underwater.  You know, because you've stopped breathing...

     The second one is effectively a Slow Fall effect.  This can come in handy for those of us without such saving graces, especially when we inexplicably fall off a cliff, airship, or an unfriendly Sandstone Drake.  It's only good for 15 seconds, but if you're lucky, it might save your life.

     The third one is my favorite.  There's a chance that a swig of Noggenfogger will shrink you down in size.  The result is that you will be harder to find in PvP situations, and your movement animations will be faster (Blizzard doesn't consider size to affect movement speed, apparently).  It's really fun being small, using a passenger mount, and having a friend hop on for a ride.  Throw in some sort of enlarging elixir for good measure. Nothing beats watching a giant tauren riding a mammoth smaller than he is at breakneck speed.  Sideways.

   And of course, the best part is slamming back multiple doses and winding up a tiny skeleton floating across the sky.

   Edit:  As Gnomeageddon mentioned in the comments, you can't mount as a skeleton (it counts as a shapeshift) and you can't capture a flag in Warsong Gulch while tiny. Now I'm wondering how gnomes can accomplish anything in PvP...

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  1. Two gotachas with Noggenfogger, at least in BGs.

    While you are a skeleton you can't mount.

    While you are shrunk, you can't cap a flag (ie. WSG). Don't ask me why, but it's frustrating jumping up and down on the flag podium with only seconds to complete the cap, only to realised the fun of Noggenfogger is denying the fun of the cap.