Thursday, April 12, 2012

Big Bird's Revenge

     Hopefully the title doesn't get me sued.

     It's Transformation Thursday once again, so today I bring you a fun little toy that is a righteous pain in the ass to farm for.  The Time-Lost Figurine transforms the player into the image of a Skettis Arakkoa for 5 minutes.  The only way to obtain is this to kill Terokk. And the only way to kill Terokk is to summon him.

     Summoning Terokk is not so easy.  You'll have to get through a good amount of quests with the Sha'tari Skyguard in the Skettis area to get the quest where you'll summon Terokk from the bone pile in the middle of the zone.  Wowhead comments vary, but it seems that you can kill Terokk, loot his corpse, and then abandon the quest, then pick it up again.  If this does work, it will remove the need to go through the process over and over again of getting the 40 Time-Lost scrolls, summoning mini-bosses, then using their organs (ew..) to get the Time-Lost Offering for Terokk's bone pile...

     Assuming that you did what I did, however, and turned in the quest... You'll have to do it the hard way to farm Terokk for the trinket.  Is it easy? Hell no, even when you are well past level-appropriate.  Is it worth it? Mmmm... only if you want to be one of three arakkoa (including Terokk himself!) for five minutes every half-hour.

     The plus side of it is that Blizzard actually gave the transformation model some emotes to work with, so you can actual make the bird dance if that's how you want to spend your five minutes.

     The trinket has a 9% drop rate according to Wowhead, so be prepared for a long haul if you want this.  And if that wasn't enough to deter you, the summoning bone pile has its own respawn timer of 15 minutes.

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