Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Opposite Sides of the Same Coin

     I have my paladin, as is likely well-known by now.  He is a healer, a conduit of the Light and a champion of all that is good in the world.  He has reputations to exalted.  My GOD does he have reputations... Fifty-three at last check, though with a few more heroics and a couple of tabards, that should be at the Fifty-five mark in short order.
     I have other toons as well, but none quite so far removed from Hyperious' personality and disposition as Sinisterius, my warlock (I'm so original with my names, I know!).  See, Sin (for brevity) doesn't just kill with purpose.  Nope, Sin is an asshole.  Through and through.  He'll kill without purpose.  He's a selfish, monstrous, watch-the-world-burn kind of jerkwad (only in character, of course.  I'm not a douche in dungeons).
     And it's with that in mind that I've decided to take on a task.  This task may be insanely difficult.  It may be nigh impossible.  But I will take it on, nonetheless.
     Where Hyperious craves the love of all factions, Sin will be his counterpart.  Sin will do whatever is necessary to have the worst possible reputation pane in the game.  He will declare war with all factions.  He will find any possible way to lower his standing with the whole damned world.
     He will be the monster under the bed if he can.
     I really hope it's doable.  I've already started some preliminary research, and it appears you can declare war on pretty much every faction except the main Horde or Alliance factions (the actual player factions).  I'm sure there are a few that I'll have to accept as being untouchable, but overall, I'm going to make Sin the monster he always wanted to be.
     I'll try to keep the readers updated on his progress.  Hopefully this project won't fizzle out ten minutes in like the other four million crazy ideas I had regarding WoW.

     What personalities do you, the reader, attribute to your characters, whether you roleplay them or not?

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