Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Special Day, A Special Trinket

     Today is my wife's birthday! I won't say which one, because there's a good chance she'll kill me with Crusader Strike and then loot my corpse.  Here's a lovely Delicious Chocolate Cake for you! Happy Birthday!

     Since it's her birthday, I'll need to get her a special gift.  I know she likes dragons, specifically little ones, so perhaps I can get her one of those!  None of the regular fleshy ones, though.  They eventually die, and they don't even fight while they're alive.  No, I think I'll get her an Elementium Dragonling! Chicks love little metal death-machines, right?

     This little beauty will come out for a 1 minute fight every 5 minutes, and he's got a pretty decent health pool for a guardian.  You'll have to be level 80 and at least 475 Engineering to use this, but that should stop anyone who really wants to have a cute little fire-breathing metal dragon following them around and fighting things.

     One thing to bear in mind, however, is that this particular guardian is set to aggressive, so be prepared for him to just run off and start attacking things at random if he's out.

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