Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Arch Nemeses

     Nemeses.  Plural of Nemesis.  Look it up.
     Big Bear Butt had a Cub Report today that got me thinking.  He mentioned that his cub had taken to Hellfire Peninsula to wreak havoc on the Fel Reavers there.  In case anyone is unaware, there are three of them.  They are, without a doubt, the most evil creations on the face of Azeroth or Outland.  The Lich King knows nothing of causing fear and despair quite like the Fel Reavers do.
     They are my nemeses.  I hate and despise them with a passion I reserve only for the most wicked of beings.  I can recall back during BC, when my wife and I were bringing up our Paladin Pair from 60 in Hellfire Peninsula.  More than a few times, the deathmachines would stalk across the landscape behind us as we quested merrily.  Suddenly, that telltale roar would erupt from my speakers, and in that moment... I knew fear.
    He would charge us down, and in a single swipe, would hurl my lifeless body to the dirt.   Sometimes I'd be lucky enough to bubble and have a chance to run away, but it almost never lasted long enough for me to escape.  I'd wind up dead.  He'd stop for a moment, as if taking in the glorious carnage of what he'd done.  He'd glance at my wife, still standing, then he'd turn and run back (well, glitch through the terrain...) to where he was.
     He was killing me and making her watch me die.  Sick bastard.  Luckily, since we were both paladins, a rez was never a problem.  But still... he hunted me.  I know he did.
     Now, whenever I find myself in Hellfire (which happens surprisingly often) I make it a point to hunt down all three of them and leave them in horrible ruins.  But it doesn't help.  They already did what they did to me in my lower levels.  My retribution is hollow at best.
     The next toon I get to 70 will be geared up nicely.  Before we move on to Northrend content, I will solo all three of those monstrosities.  For Hyperious!

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