Friday, May 4, 2012


     With the news about mounts becoming account-wide with the release of Mists of Pandaria, I've decided to renew my desperate quest to get the Ashes of Al'ar.  Before, I was reluctant to ever try Tempest Keep on an alt for fear of seeing the mount drop and actually winning it.  None of my alts have ever done TK.  Not one.
     However, given that I will no longer have to despair if an alt should manage to acquire such a glorious and beautiful creation as the Phoenix instead of my main, I will have to renew my efforts.  Instead of occasionally trying for it on Hyperious when I'm feeling particularly hopeful, I will, instead, be diligently farming Kael's face off in TK on all my level-capped toons every week.  The way I see it, I missed most of the raiding in Cataclysm, and this expansion is winding down.  Now is the perfect time for me to finish up a few stray things, farm materials for various guild achievements, and, Light willing, get myself a phoenix.
     That's the one item in game I want most.  Any other item, while it may be cool or awesome or ridiculously difficult to acquire, pales in comparison to the phoenix.  Should I manage to get it, I will feel as though I've finally beaten WoW. 
     Having said that, I feel I should make a vow (to appease the RNG gods).  I vow, upon reciept of the Phoenix, to always help players farm TK if I have a lockout available on any of my characters that can enter.  I further vow to perform my best in the raids and not leave until Kael is dead or the group as a whole decides it's time to give it up.

     You hear that, RNG gods? I made my promise, now you make yours!

     EDIT: I will give up bacon for the mount.  For life.

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