Monday, May 14, 2012

Black Market Auction House

     There's going to be a new type of Auction House in MoP.  I don't know much about it, having only gotten my information from the WoW Insider article.  To be honest, from the screenshot in that article, I can't tell much about the system.  I know they're planning to make some of the ultra-rare items or no-longer-available items purchaseable through this new system at exhorbitant prices.  We know WoW is constantly in need of gold sinks, right?  What I'm curious about, though, is what the availability will be of these items.  Will they be on the "Auction House" in unlimited supply, being a true gold sink vendor in a craftily-disguised interface? Or will they be in limited supply in the same way the real auction house is?
     I can see the benefits to both sides, honestly.  On the one hand, having the Ashes of Al'ar be unlimited in quantity and only limited by the extraordinary price model, this allows the system to be one hell of a strong gold sink.  On the other hand, having the items be truly limited, like certain items are at certain vendors, would offer up a time sink.  If you've got the money to purchase the item, you'd have to spend the time checking the BMAH to see if the item you want is currently available.
     I know there will be outcry from the masses.  Many people will be upset that the mount they worked on for years is suddenly available to anyone with a lot of extra gold to throw around.
     I know others will be thrilled to be able to finally get things they had resigned themselves to never seeing.

     Personally, I'm glad for this system.  In whatever incarnation is appears in live MoP, I will be glad for it.  There are a few recipes that only drop in Vanilla raids, and then only at about a 0.2% drop rate.  I'd like to get those recipes to finish out my Alchemy cookbook.  There are people out there who really want to get Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops that cannot do so any longer.  Most importantly to me, however, will be the Ashes of Al'ar.  I know I've mentioned this particular item a million times now (mostly to my ever-patient wife, Light bless her), but that phoenix is THE mount I want more than anything.  Every time I see it, I see what my mind defines as "epic".  I don't want it to sit in Orgrimmar showing it off.  I want it because it's beautiful.  I want it because of what a Phoenix is.  What it does.  What it represents.
     I don't give a damn if someone else sees it and oohs and ahhs at it.  I couldn't care less.  I want it because I want to ooh and ahh at it.
     If it costs 100k on the BMAH, I will work my ass off to save the money to afford it.  I will farm mats until my face explodes if I have to.
     And in that regard, the people who are upset at the idea of being able to simply purchase these items are missing a big part of the argument.  Sure, you can just buy the mount of your dreams without having to run some instance over and over and over again.  But do you really think getting 100k gold is just a matter of selling a couple of glyphs on the auction house or running a few dailies?
     So while the actual path to the various and sundry super-coveted items may vary, it's my belief that the Herculean effort required will be very much the same.

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  1. I just posted an article about how people will get the gold for it. In all its tin foil hat glory even.

    100K gold from some sites is like 50 bucks, or less. People pay 25 bucks for mounts everyone in game can get, so 50 bucks for a super rare drop is nothing. People will just buy gold to get the mounts. Simple as that.

    I personally like the grinding for mounts. While I hate it is many years later and I do not have the baron mount I do like the idea that if I am bored I have something to do.

    If I can buy it, it takes away from something I can do in game.

    They want people out in the world more, but they are adding reasons for me not to go out there now.

    If I can buy everything I need, why go out and run the dungeon every day to try and get it.

    It seems against their own intentions of getting people out more to sell stuff they would normally go out to get.

    I think blizzard has really lost its focus.