Thursday, May 3, 2012

On Recipes

     I was talking to my wife about various dailies we both needed to do, and she sighed when we got to the mention of her Jewelcrafting Daily.  I mentioned that I thought other professions should have dailies too.  For example, I'd like to get an alchemy daily or an herbalist daily and get some sort of reward for that.  Mainly, I'd like to be able to turn in tokens for a bag of materials for alchemy or something.  Perhaps have a chance to get something special from the bag I've bought, like a BoE pet sludgebeast or something (you have to make pets BoE at this point).
     I don't know, something... alchemical.
     She told me what a drag the Jewelcrafting Token system is.  If you want recipes, you *have* to do the dailies.  Same thing for the Cooking Dailies in Cataclysm, actually.
     That got us talking about how it used to be.  Back in our day, when kids stayed off our lawn.  Both of us seemed to agree that the old way of having to farm for a recipe or hunt down a vendor in some obscure place who had a limited supply was much more engaging than the whole do-a-daily-get-a-token way of things.
     I mean, I realize that the dailies ensure that nobody can suddenly have every recipe right out of the gates at expansion, but it also makes the professions feel like, well, jobs.  With the old way, if there was a recipe you wanted (whether you needed to make it or just wanted to have everything you could), you had to go out into the world and get it. Or you had to buy it off the Auction House.
     With Blizzard's statements of how they don't want everyone to just loiter in a capital city all the time, why put this system in place at all?  Why not leave it how it was?
     I know that if I truly want to finish out my Alchemy cookbook, I'm going to have to run some old raids and farm some old mobs.  Not difficult, but time-consuming.  And different.  That's the key.  It's something different.
     I vote for a return to hunting down our recipes.  Let the profession dailies reward materials or something instead of a timed progression of recipes.

     What are your thoughts, dear readers?  Do you like the way it's done now?

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  1. This is something I really wish they would steal a page from rift about. Just like they did with AoE looting.

    In rift you have profession dailies for every profession. You even have multiple ones. One for each part of leveling the skill.

    For example. There would be a 1-75 daily, a 76-150 daily, a 151-225 daily... you get the point.

    Each one required items from that area of training meaning that to some extent there is always demand for all items which I love, that is a fantastic idea to keep the economy rolling.

    Each daily gave you a goodie bag, that gave profession based good that you need for your level, and a token that you can use to buy stuff that you needed or patterns and the such.

    Warcraft needs to understand that while they might be the forerunner in the MMO market they are not the only ones that can come up with ideas.

    Everyone called rift a wow ripoff but they took wow one step further with things like AoE looting, profesison dailies, a space that holds all quest items so it did not take up bag space, and so many other things that are just wow but better.

    If it where not for the fact I hate, and hate is a total understatement, the graphics in rift, I would have abandoned wow forever back when they released that hell known that the Zul dungeons for nearly a year.

    If rift had wow graphics instead of the "try to look real so it looks horrible" graphics that it seems every game comes out with now I would have been long gone. They have a ton of ideas that blizzard should put into warcraft, profession dailies being one of them.