Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ahune is a Jerk

     So, this morning before I headed off to work, my wife and I decided to get our Ahune attempts out of the way.  The mains (twin pallies) did fine, but no pet.  The DPS pair, ret pally and affliction lock, did pretty good (my lock is terribly undergeared, but I managed to pull off about 8k on the boss).

     But on the warrior/priest combo, things went... bad.

     I tank on my warrior (I should get around to an introduction post soon) and my wife heals on her disc priest.  It's a fantastic combo, and we leveled 1-85 together, dinging each level on the same mob or quest turn-in.  We're in Slave Pens, summoning a giant Ice Devil Thing (Blue Ragnaros, let's face the facts), and I notice the adds are sure surviving a long time.

     Now, this run was not easy.  Not remotely.  We had a lazerchicken doing 1.8k dps overall.  We had a warlock barely breaking 3k.  We had a shaman hitting 6k, but doing all kinds of ridiculous things in the process.

     Druid: "I'm going to spend half the fight attacking Ahune when he's immune.  Then, when he's actually vulnerable to damage, I will return to the adds that tankyboy here is controlling.  I will hurricane them around so as to increase the amount of chaos the tank is dealing with.  That should go just fine.

     Warlock: "I like the water over there.  I also like to fly.  Thus, I will stand in the blue circles on the ground and get launched into the air to land safely in the water.  I will repeat this as often as I can."


     We managed to survive (thanks entirely to my wife's epic healing skills which she will vehemently deny) for an incredible FOUR rounds of Ahune.  That's right.  He submerged and reemerged four times during that fight before her mana and various mana-regenerating tricks were all expended.  It was, according to DBM, a 7 minute, 51 second fight.  And my very first wipe on Ahune, ever.

     The second attempt, we managed to get him down on round three, mainly due to the warlock learning about the bad blue circles and how to get out of them and the druid realizing just when he should be attacking the boss and when it's a completely futile effort.

     But honestly, I never thought I'd see Ahune take 4 rounds and still wind up as a wipe.  That's just nuts.


  1. Wow, just wow. I remember when this first came around this expansion, if you could survive the 3rd wave it was a miracle. Four is unthinkable. It is amazing how it seems people get worse at the game the longer it is out.

    1. I think it speaks to my wife's healing abilities and mana conservation skills that she was able to keep the group up for four full rounds with Ahune before her mana gave out. As to how the DPS could produce numbers so low... I've got nothing.

  2. And I thought having to wait for the second submerge was bad, I feel for you. How is 1.8k dps even possible? My Disc Priest pulls over 3k whilst healing the fight. I have noticed in every group I've had so far though, at least one person does less damage to me which is rather worrying.

    1. Most of my groups have been one round knockouts. But somehow, that one just...

      Everything came together perfectly to produce the worst group ever. It was as if the WoW gods were like "Behold our terrible vengeance!"