Monday, June 11, 2012

Random Information You Don't Need

     I finally dusted off the rogue I made during Wrath.  He sat at level 10 for about a decade or so, doing absolutely nothing but clogging up my character screen.  I decided that I wanted to try levelling via PvP and battlegrounds.  Sure, I did a few quests here and there to get some better pieces, but mostly I've been PvPing on him.  He's now level 20.

     I never realized just how fun rogue PvP really is.  Sneaky sneaky, sap, wander off while the Alliance players in the area start blowing their AoEs all over the place.  Laugh a little to myself.  Wander back, sap again.  When I get someone alone, it's all manner of ridiculous fun.  Now, as I'm low level, all I can really do is Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin.  Since WSG pops first every time, I've yet to get into an AB.  No big deal.  I'm enjoying chasing down Flag Carriers, occasionally going for the Alliance Flag when my team has them all tied up at mid, and generally being a chaotic presence in the fights.

     I decided that I needed some better enchants for my weapons.  In fact, I needed some better weapons.  I was going to turn off XP at level 19 and see what that was like, but after I hopped on my Blacksmith and made a pair of daggers, I realized they required level 20.  So much for turning off XP.  For the enchants, I wanted the +15 Agility enchant you get from Timbermaw Hold at Honored.

     The last time I did that grind, it took me days.  I mean days of solid dedicated grinding.  Killing furbolgs all over Winterspring, collecting the Winterfall Spirit Beads, and turning them all in once I'd hit revered and the mobs stopped granting XP.

     This time around, I took my warlock, who is my enchanter, and began the grind.  The first kill was the first time he'd ever had any dealings with Timbermaw Hold, so he started off at Unfriendly like the rest of us.  Blizzard must have nerfed the hell out of that reputation grind, because an hour later, I was exalted.


     Exalted with Timbermaw Hold in an hour?!  I'd be insulted, but I needed the enchant, and I've seen it sells for jillions on the AH.  I'm considering working to pick up all the super enchants needed for lowbie PvP and grinding up the materials to start listing.  I mean, 500g for a +15 Agility enchant is nothing to sneer at.

     Exalted? Already?  Damn.

     So, anyways, I get the pattern, then head off to Silithus to grind for the Essence of Air that I need to do the enchant twice.  Half an hour later, I'm ready to go.  Mind you, at this time, my rogue is at level 19.  He's got some nice weapons from the PvP vendor already, but stupid me, I didn't doublecheck them before enchanting the new weapons my Blacksmith made.

     So I lost 2 points of stamina off both weapons and gained nothing on the agility side of things.  Mind you, I realized this AFTER I'd used both enchants on the new daggers that I couldn't equip until level 20.

     Idiotic, I know.  But whatever, I'm still having fun times.  Now that I know better, I won't make that mistake again.

     Exalted with Timbermaw Hold, though.  Wow...

     I've gotten my 500 Honorable Kills achievement already, and my current count is a bit over 600.  I'm having fun.  I know I still need to get to exalted with Warsong Outriders and the Defilers on Hyperious to get Justicar and complete my reputation pane, but I just can't bring myself to get back into healing PvP at max level, where people are so much angrier than the lower levels.  This is fun for me, and that's the point of the game.

     I love sapping hunters.  The knowledge that they're standing there in a panic, wondering when the attack will come...  I let the sap wear off completely and resap, just because I know it's going to screw with their heads.  The more anxious they are, the more likely they'll make a mistake, and the more fun I have shredding them to pieces.

     I also have to say, Rogue PvP is a real rush when you find yourself caught in a 2v1 or worse, and you manage to bring down one or two before they kill you.  That's just fun right there.  I don't even mind dying if I'm caught in that situation.  I enjoy every second of it.

     I don't get why people need to /spit or /rude while they're fighting, though.  It makes no sense to me.  Do they think I'm going to start crying at my screen, muttering "Was it something I said? Why are they spitting on me?"

     I'm not going to.  Just no. I will, however, make a point of sapping them randomly as I pass by to steal their flag.  The Run-By-Sapping is always a nice little Eff-You to the Alliance.

     No offense to any Ally readers out there.

     I will say this to the Alliance on my battlegroup.  You guys suck a lot less than during Wrath.  Hell, during Wrath, my wife and I faction changed just to get away from the terribad PvP.  Now, you guys are actually working to get the objectives, you're capping flags, and occasionally still attempting to Graveyard Camp. 

     I'm kind of tired, however, of seeing the opposing team cap a single flag (the first, generally speaking) and then seeing my own team saying "Screw it, we lost, let them win, they're going to turtle" when there's still 28 minutes to go in the BG.  That's actually more demoralizing than anything the enemy can emote at me as I die.

    Still, all things considered, I'm loving Rogue PvP so far.

    ...Exalted with Timbermaw Hold, huh?  Okay.


  1. I noticed that too. Took forever to grind it the first time through there but recently on a leveling alt I made it to revered just passing through there and making no efforts to get rep. Sad really. The game is ruining itself and I wish it would stop the crap like that.

    Rogue PvP at low levels is amazing, as is hunters. Both of them at low levels are so over powered it doesn't make any sense to play any other class almost.

    1. Hunters can all go to hell if they're on the opposing team. I hate them with the passion of a thousand Sunwells. All the bloody CC and slows and such nonsense drive me freakin' CRAZY.

      Thus, when I kill a hunter, I feel truly glorious.

  2. Them sneaky rogues! I hates thems!

    1. I read that in Gollum's voice. Just sayin'.

  3. Hyperious, this sounds weird, but I can't seem to find a way to reply to your blogging milestone post! So I'll just say here, grats on the 5k milestone! Remember, just because your pageviews are not as much as someone else's doesn't mean you can't be proud of your own achievements! So, which post is your most popular and which one is your favourite (I always notice that they are never the same post - your fave post never seems to get the interest you want it to, and the one that's the most popular you're like... WTF? :P)

    1. I'd have to say, I think my favorite post is the one just before this one, about Silas Darkmoon and how incredibly devious and evil he is. That's the post that I felt the most passionate about while I was collecting all the information I wanted and putting it together.

      ... And when I was thinking out the concept in the first place. Originally, I started out with it being a little joke, but before I finished the post, I truly believed what I was writing. I had so much fun doing that post (formatting headaches aside).