Monday, June 18, 2012

Resilience Didn't Fix It

     I spent some time this weekend levelling my disc priest with my wife's fire mage doing Northrend Dungeons.  For the most part, it was enjoyable.

     Hype is happy.

     We got into a Gundrak run with a level 78 DK tank.  At the time, I was 77 and rocking some fairly respectable gear.  Healing was not an issue, nor was mana management.  I had loads of mana to fling around haphazardly, and the health bars remained full.

     Hype is healing.

     After the first boss, the tank moves on to the next room with vigor.  I noticed he hadn't clicked the clicky-wheel alter to release the first lock on the final boss.  So I run up and click.

     Hype is helpful.

     In the few seconds between me clicking the clicky-wheel and me getting to the next room, the tank has splattered to a single trash pack.  "L2HEAL" was the first thing he said upon death.

     Hype is annoyed.

     "I was in the other room hitting the alter behind the first boss since you missed it." I said.  "WTF Heals, you're supposed to heal me!" and other such sounds came as a reply.

     Hype is uncertain.

     I inspect the guy.  PvP Gear.  PvP Gear EVERYWHERE.  Level 70 Brutal Gladiator PvP Gear.  No wonder the guy's splashy (beyond squishy).  Resilience does nothing, I repeat, NOTHING in PvE anymore.  It only reduces damage from players and player-controlled pets.  It has ZERO effect when a trash pack is beating your face in with sticks.

     Hype is furious.

     I inform him (politely, of course, as I am known to do. >.>) that his PvP gear is the source of his problem, primarily because of the lack of effectiveness of resilience in PvE content.  More "L2Heal"s and such.  References to a menstrual cycle.  Etc.  The fact that I'm a male notwithstanding, a healer calling out a tank for horrifying gear choices does not equal PMS.

     Hype is vengeful.

     I healed the rest of the party with zeal.  I left the tank to fend for himself.  He died a few times, but I made sure to allow it only when it would not cause a wipe.

     Hype is precise.

     At the end of the dungeon, he died a good three or four times, earning himself a hefty repair bill (PvP gear costs a bloody fortune to fix) and a rare spot on my ignore list.

     All this, however, came at a price.  My wife was displeased.  As well she should have been.  I acted like a buffoon.  I sunk to his level.  I let the bads get to me.  I fed the trolls.  I shouldn't have done that.  We didn't do any dungeons for the rest of the night.

     To my wife, sorry I wrecked the dungeon fun with my vengeful streak.  You know how I get when facing down the legions of stupid fools.  The hammer comes crashing down every time.

     Having said all that, Blizzard needs to figure out a way to make sure that PvP gear doesn't pass muster for queueing up in random dungeons.  I've heard all the excuses, and I care not for a one of them.

     "Tank gear is so hard to come by at lower levels!" Please.  Quest givers can't wait to throw tank gear at players.  Go do eight quests in Borean Tundra, you'll have some tank gear.  Go do eight more, you're practically decked out in quest blues and greens and ready for a dungeon. It's not that difficult.
     "PvP gear reduces incoming damage!" NO IT DOES FREAKIN' NOT.  End of story.
     "You don't need REAL tanks at these levels." It's Northrend.  It's not Wailing Caverns.  Yes you do need a real tank.

     If I could work one change into WoW, it would be the removal of PvP gear in PvE content.  It's even more annoying when I see a DPS in full 85 blue PvP gear in order to game the ilvl requirements and get straight into Twilight Heroics.  Again, Resilience is a completely wasted stat in PvE content.

     Hype is rambling.

     Take care.  Tank in actual tank gear.  Thank you.


  1. Don't forget those who use PVP gear to sneak into LFR level to boot. :p

    1. On the other hand, my JC has now tapped into the market of exploiting folks looking to bump up their iLVL ASAP, so perhaps it's in my best interest to milk this gravy train for a while (at least until these guys overwhelm my PUG and LFR experiences for my alts).

    2. There's a part of me that has considered doing that same thing with my Blacksmith, but I can't bring myself to make it any worse than it already is on my server/battlegroup. It's just not worth the headaches.

      Also, my server's economy seems to be shrivelled up and dying, and the AH is a cruel mistress.

  2. Perhaps the amount of resilience should be subtracted from the Ilevel for each item, I dunno or if it has resilience it doesn't count toward your Ilevel?

    Or just toss out resilience entirely, annoying stat anyway.

    I think everyone has those moments where they sort of lose it and act out in away that they usually wouldn't,( I know I have much to my son's dismay ) but there are always other days to do better for living up to ones standard.

    1. If they removed the resilience from the ilvl calculations, most PvP tanks wouldn't be able to enter current content non-heroics. Not that I'd have a complaint against that. It'd spike the Call to Arms frequency for my properly geared (albeit not BiS) prot warrior, and that's always a happy moment.

  3. So I am not the only one who gets excuses from tanks saying having PvP gear in Northrend and higher "isn't a big deal". I just healed a DK tank through End Time on my paladin, and it was tough, more than tough, I don't think I have ever prayed so hard for us to not die so we could finish the instance, and I am not even religious. The thing is though, that this DK tank in PvP gear was the 2nd DK in the group with PvP gear. Yes, thats right, we booted the last tank for his gear, and we got a new tank with about the same gear. I think what is worse is several days later I ended up in a group on my rogue with the same tank, and their gear didn't improve. It's to the point where people don't care if their gear affects the group. There is no real consequence for people wearing PvP gear in PvE content. WoW has become the "it's all about me, and only me" MMORPG, it will only get worse.

    1. I agree, WoW has become a very selfish MMO. With LFD and LFR, nobody is held accountable by their peers. How can they be? At worst, they'll get put on someone's ignore list. They probably won't even know, since LFD is random anyways. There's no sanctions against them for griefing the group for personal gains.
      Before LFD and LFR came out, you had to get groups together on your server. Doing so meant that your actions would be held in memory by the players. If you were a good tank, you got added to friends lists and invited to all manner of content.

      If you were a bad tank, you got blown up in trade chat, and you had to spend a long time regearing and rebuilding your server reputation.

      During Wrath, before LFD, my friends list was composed of people I knew on one half, and tanks I'd run with again on the other. Good tanks on my server always had their pick of content to run, and they were known by name and deed. Most of the ones I ran with held themselves to a pretty high standard, too. It was like "If I'm going to be treated like an awesome tank, I'd better maintain the awesome".

      Good times, good times indeed.

  4. Damage dealers can get by, they will just do less damage but they can still do their job. A healer might be able to, to some extent. I tank can not fake it. PvP gear has no dodge or parry, that is what you are sacrificing for the resilience.

    So while the others might be able to fake it, tanks need to understand you can not fake it with PvP gear.

    I personally think all PvP gear should count as 1, for item level purposes, when you enter queue for PvE content.

    While I hate anyone having PvP gear on in PvE I must admit that I've seen some amazing damage dealers in all PvP gear and some horrible ones in all PvE gear. A skilled player will make due with what they have and a person in all PvP gear just seems like a badly geared PvE person. For damage dealing only.

    Tanks can not fake it. When will they get that through their head.

    They need to add all beginner PvE gear just like they do PvP gear when they release new patches to keep people from doing this.

    Or... as my favorite saying goes.

    Just get rid of PvP gear together already.

    1. Heh, getting rid of the PvP gear would make BGs a VERY difficult place to be. If you weren't the FotM, you'd get steamrolled at every turn. Which sucks.

      Actually, with Account-Wide Achievements, I have a feeling that a lot of people will do exactly that. You'll be seeing more Resto Druid, Rogues, Frost Mages, and Hunters in BGs because nobody has to run on their main for the achievements.