Monday, July 30, 2012

A Challenge for Grumpy

     I read a recent post by The Grumpy Elf (Hunter aficionado, for those of you who don't yet read his blog regularly) wherein he stated the following.

You could probably level most ranged classes without ever even taking damage until level 30 or so.  I am sure I could level a hunter without taking much or any damage all the way to 85.
     Now, that's a pretty bold statement.  However, seeing as how Mr. Elf has what? 10 hunters or something? Yeah, sounds about right.  Anyways, seeing as how he's got a bajillion hunters, he obviously knows his class.  And he's right.  As a ranged class (especially one with a pet), he might be able to pull off levelling all the way to 85 without taking a hit.

     So here's my challenge.  It's similar to Ironman in a few ways.  You'll have to be careful.  You'll have to be sure to know exactly what's going on around you at all times.  No dying (obviously, since dying causes a wee bit of damage). No damage taken.

     Use whatever gear you want, whatever spec you want, whatever consumables, group up, whatever.  But no damage. Falling damage, fatigue damage, fire damage from a brazier nearby, none of it.

     Get to 85 without a point of damage, Grumpy.  That's my challenge to you.  And please, do keep us updated.  I have a feeling such an epic feat would be a truly incredible story to follow.


  1. Now that sounds fun, and a lot more involved than one might think.

    There are many quests where you will take damage because it is unavoidable. So getting to 85 without taking any damage becomes nearly impossible. Minimal damage, sure.

    However, it would create an interesting challenge. Could zero damage be done?

    I believe it can.

    Some things to think about before hand, which will show how hard such a challenge it would be, harder than any ironman even.

    1) You would need to know all the quests beforehand. One quest with unavoidable damage and its over.
    2) You would need to take your time. While you can run around the old world with no worries of dying usually, taking no damage is a lot harder.
    3) Basic campfire is your enemy. While it does not cause damage any more, there are many things like that in the world that so.
    4) You could lose the no damage run to no fault of your own. If something does AoE and someone else aggros it, your run is done.
    5) You really need to know how to play the class. Not just well, insanely well.

    Now if you wanted to make in "without taking much damage" I would jump right in and just level one like normal. But no damage. Now that sounds like one hell of a fun challenge.

    However, end of expansion and all, I think I will wait until mists and level my 8th hunter, to 90 this time, for that challenge. So, challenge accepted, in about a year. lol

    Looking at my most recent hunter to level to 85 I did over 800M damage and took just under 20M damage. But there were a fair deal of dungeons involved there. I did about 30 max level dungeons once I hit 85, not sure what the numbers would have been before that. Still, seems pretty good on the "without taking much" area.

    What would you consider "without taking much" in case when I do it I can't get out of the starting area with the non-controllable pet or end up with accidental AoE damage like I mentioned?

    If it is complete zero, it might take me a bit longer to do.

    But I think it can be done. ;)

    1. Well, that 20M taken compared to your 800M done works out to be 2.5%

      That is to say, you recieved 2.5% of the damage you dealt. Or, conversely, you dealt 400 times the damage you took.

      If you're going for a "very little damage", I'd say no more than 0.25% ratio. That means that, of your 800M damage done, you could have taken only 2M.

      To be honest, I have no doubt that you could do either one of the challenges. However, in the interest of pushing the limits, I'd love to see you go for a zero damage hunter. Hell, we can get Blizz to throw in a title for it. "Grumpyhunter9 the Untouchable" or something equally kick-ass.

    2. As far as your concerns regarding leaving the starting area, I would say if you can get through with less than 10k damage taken, we can call that a zero.

      I didn't know the pet was uncontrollable in the starting levels...

      As I said, I think you can get there with a true zero, but if you can pull off 10k or less, I doubt there'd be anyone who isn't impressed.

    3. Sounds reasonable. 10K should cover starting area and hopefully incidental content with fire and stuff. So anything under 10K is 0.

      I am still going to try for 0 either way, just keep restarting until I get to control my pet at level 10.

      I think I could do the 2M no problem, heck I might have done it with the one with 20M. Just so happens I ran a lot of dungeons when I first hit 85. I would not be surprised if 18M was from them and the countless wipes from bad players in them. lol

      I am going to turn this baby into a challenge for all hunters. Perhaps someone can beat me and do it first.

      I'll put the challenge up on my page tomorrow. Now to think of a nice prize.

  2. Heh. I saw how far you got Hyperious! You need to start AGAIN!!! Gosh I don't know how you do it...

    1. How far I got with what? I'm totally confused here.