Sunday, July 29, 2012


     So, recently I visited Navimie's blog (which all of you should do, as well!) and declared my desire to be Navispammed.  After all, with a cool gold medal and everything involved with it, what blogger *wouldn't* want to be Navispammed?  Is Navispammed a trademarked word yet? I don't want to get sued for, let's see... four counts of using "Navispammed" without authorization.

     Alas, the first attempt didn't go so well.  Due to my work schedule being... How do I put this delicately?



     Well, our paths didn't quite cross.

     But I got a cool letter in the mail! I love getting letters in the mailbox.  Usually my mailbox is just AH spam and stuff from my alts.  Getting actual mail is really fun!

Hopefully next time, Navimie!


Navimie came back! We only had a little time, but it was long enough to meet up in Mulgore for a couple of pictures! And I got to play my Arcanite Ripper! Hopefully we'll meet again some time!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Woot! I'm glad I finally got to meet up with you :) I'm just sorry I had to leave so soon.
    And the use of the word Navispammed should be encouraged. It's like advertising! LOL