Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On Being "Carried"

     I spent last night running heroics on my Undead Mage, trying to get the last few Justice Points I needed to get that one Tier piece that would bring my ilevel to 353 and let me into Twilight Heroics, where the gear falls like a glorious Purple Rain.

     Huh. Prince reference there.

     Oh fine. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince reference there.

     Anywho, while I was gearing up, I got a Deadmines run. We're running through, and I check the DPS meters. I refuse to link meters in chat, as I find that it almost always comes across as gloating if it hasn't been asked for. And when it's being requested by the guy doing three times the next DPS, you know perfectly well he's running a meter. So I don't link it. Ever.

     Where was I? Right, the meter. So I'm pulling 11k overall (Not bad for my first max-level DPS) and the hunter in equal gear is doing 10.5k (a few lucky crits one way or the other can explain the variance, so I'll just say we were on an even footing). But the DK in Heroic raid gear was pulling 30k.

     Now, I'm not about to object to someone pulling ultra high DPS in any one of my dungeons. It makes the run faster, and that's always good.

     The tank, however, didn't seem to think before he spoke. To the DK, he said in party chat, "DK, thanks for the carry. The other DPS are doing terrible."

     Really? 10k and 11k in Cata Heroics with appropriate gear is "terrible"?  Perhaps I'm a bit more lenient, but as the hunter and myself were both doing over 10k AND staying out of the fire (in all its various forms), I think our DPS was acceptable at the least, and respectable at best.

     Thankfully, the DK was gracious.  The DK did not gloat over the numbers, didn't mock us, didn't make an ass of himself as so many DKs are known to do (in my experience, at least).

     No, the DK politely said, "I'm not carrying anyone.  Everyone's doing their job correctly.  The only reason my DPS is higher is because of my gear.  These guys are doing just fine for their gear levels."

     Some faith in humanity has been restored.  It's nice to see someone offer that kind of reply, rather than just a generic "LOL these nubs suck".

     On that note, I have to say, I do enjoy mage DPS quite a bit.  I'm hoping to try getting my warlock up to Twilights over this week or next weekend, so I can see what that's like.  I've noticed that if I'm not the tank, I don't want to be in melee range at all.  I think it's either a control issue or just a fear of being unnecessarily smashed in the face.



  1. I would PAY to have the DPS doing 10K and 11K in the heroics I run sometimes. I did some on my hunter the other day and I was pulling 42K and the other two DPS where pulling 3K each. Now that... is a carry. The tank even died on 2 of the bosses in one of the runs and I kited the boss around and killed it.

    I would never, ever, in a million years consider someone doing 10K+ in an original cata heroic as being carried. They are doing their job well enough. 8K is what I consider pulling your own weight in them.

    Sad part is, this late in the expansion everyone seems to think that 20K should be the minimum people should be doing.

    I can see someone saying that you and/or he were not doing your potential if they felt that way, but you and the hunter were surely pulling your weight.

    Like I would say the hunter, if he was like you and almost 353, was not pulling his potential. A hunter can pull 12K on bosses in all quest gear, exactly 329 item level, no gems and no enchants because they are great out of the box and scale very badly with gear. That is why they are always over powered at the beginning of expansions. So potential wise, he was not doing well but content wise, he was doing great. He was doing over 8K and like I said, I would PAY to have people like that in my randoms. Even if he was doing a lot less than he potential, I would never say he was being carried, even more so if he did not stand in the bad and followed mechanics.

  2. I tend to dungeon with my tank and I often got put in that position where somehow I was being called to be the "Referee" about things like that, apparently because as a tank I have authority. I usually deferred to the assumption that people were trying unless it was really obvious...and I preferred to give advice rather than ridicule.

    My damage meter also has a "DPS Efficiency" readout which shows DPS relative to gear and I think it is slightly more accurate (I understand that there are scaling issues, but at least it is a "more" fair picture in my mind) in showing who is trying.

    1. Please do tell what addon that is. I don't think I know of it. Would love to see it.