Thursday, July 19, 2012

Warlock Pet Names

     I once had a lock (that I deleted for some reason or other) with a voidwalker pet named Grimrath.

     Grim. Wrath.

     Perfect name for a blueberry of pure evil bound in servitude to a slightly more evil warlock.

     Anyone else seen any really kick-ass demon names, either their own or someone else's?

     I'm dying to know.

     I'd also like Blizzard to put in something like a Book of Demonic Names that would let you actually *choose* the name of your summoned demon, rather than just going through craptons of gold using the demon trainer's name randomizer.

     My current lock has a Felpuppy named Khiinom.  Not a fantastic name, but I've grown to like him.  He does bounce off towards the enemy in much the same way as my IRL dog leaps from the couch onto her stuffed dragon (we've taught her so well!).

     This post was inspired by The Daily Frostwolf's "Happiness is a Warm Felpuppy".  If you haven't checked out the Frostwolves blog, go do that right meow.

     I'm tired.  This is all I have for tonight.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of Dragon Age: Origins so I had to smile when I met a Warlock in AB whose succubus was called Anora.

    My second Warlock has an Imp called Tarpit which I always liked.

    A list we could pick from would be amazing, my current Warlock's demons have rather uninspiring names.