Friday, August 31, 2012

Before It Was Cool

Fine. Hipster Hyperious is rearing his ugly head.

Mountain Dew had a promotion a long while back where you could get a Warbot pet and daily supplies of red and blue Warbot Fuel.

I had the pet before Blizzard made it available to everyone with the recent patch.

My bank alt still uses it because it's a bitchin' little robot.  People see it and they whisper me with the OMGs and the begging and the worshipping of the exclusivity.

Enough griping. It's a cool pet, and now I can get more fuel.

However... If they ever make my Arcanite Ripper an item that can be bought with the gold equivalent of two cooking dailies and a quick five-man dungeon, be sure to check back here for a video clip of my head turning into a nuclear holocaust.  There are some things I just can't bear...

1 comment:

  1. Blizzard has two schools of thought.

    1) Make everything so everyone can get it.

    2) Make things everyone wants so no one can get it.

    They decided that they would go route one this time around it seems.

    Most vanity items go route two in a way. Give it an awesome effect that last for 10 seconds and put it on a 2 hour cooldown. Basically make it no fun at all. Maybe we should not group that with #2 and make a third option.

    3) Make stuff everyone wants and can get with some effort but make it so they can't actually enjoy it.