Thursday, August 16, 2012

Protip: Get A Dog

     A while back, I mentioned that I was worried about Mists of Pandaria costing us a few items.  I know I urged all the readers to make sure they got their Dog Whistle before it disappeared.  Well, a few weeks ago, I was goofing off (like I do from time to time) and I decided to check out the various trinkets I have in my bank on my alts.  I had completely forgotten about my priest's acquisition of the Dog Whistle.

     So I tried it out.  I hadn't really looked at the Cataclysm update to it.  It summons a dog that lasts for ten minutes.  Most guardian trinkets last for less than one minute.  This one gives you ten minutes on a ten minute cooldown.  That means that, for the most part, you can always have this dog with you, regardless of class.

     But who would want to sacrifice a trinket slot for such a low-level item?  So, of course, after I'd summoned my dog, I swapped the trinket out for my normal trinket.

     The dog didn't disappear.

     This is HUGE.

     Now I have to farm this trinket on every single one of my characters.

     Why, Hyperious? 

     Because you can equip the trinket, wait the 30 second equip cooldown, summon the dog, and immediately replace your normal trinkets.  Do this before a boss pull.  Hell, do this every time the whistle is off cooldown. The dog will fight for you.  No, it's not going to do extraordinary damage compared to the actual player numbers, but it's extra damage at no actual cost during combat.

     All raiders should have this.  Why not?  It's FREE damage.

     Imagine if every member of a 25-man team summoned their drooling, slobbery mastiffs right before pulling a boss.  That's an additional 25 units on the field, all doing damage.  I realize that it may seem foolish, but there are so many items out there in Azeroth that we haven't really looked closely at.  I mean, sure, there are people out there datamining all the things, but have we ever stopped and looked at the implications of the different things?
     So get out there, readers, and get that Dog Whistle from Houndmaster Locksey in the Scarlet Monastery Library


  1. I threw mine away years back do to lack of space. While soloing recently I picked up another one being it is going to be gone forever. Another bag space filled for eternity. lol

  2. I had completely forgotten about this so I went and snagged one this morning :)

  3. Lol, just got this trinket a couple days ago, I didn't realize that I didn't already have it on my main amongst the other stuff stashed in my bank, lol.