Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Re: Challenging Grumpy

     Two weeks ago, I challenged hunter extraordinaire The Grumpy Elf to get a character of any class (knowing full well he'd choose a hunter) to max level without taking any damage.  Since then, my account has lapsed, so I'm relegated to my starter account until I get some other things taken care of.  However, that doesn't mean I can't put some work into matching the challenge I set forth.

     I've managed to get seven or eight warlocks to level 2 and 3 before deleting them because I keep forgetting one simple thing.  The blood elf starting area, while relatively easy to get through, has more than a few areas where fall damage will occur.

     Sadly, it's been the same place every time I've tried.  Just inside the main building, around the ramp that leads to Solanian, there's a nice little exit with a balcony.  If you leave that balcony by simply walking off, you take no damage.  If, however, you do what nearly every single player does, and jump of the balcony, the additional two feet of height will cause a whopping two points of damage.

     Two.  Two points of damage.

     But a challenge is a challenge, and two points is more than zero.

     I should really start numbering my warlocks to keep track of them.  But I'll get there.  Grumpy's approach to the challenge (taking it a bit slower, but making sure to use maximum range at all times) seems to be just about the only viable approach.  I'd love to see a melee class pull off a zero-damage character, but I can't see how that's possible without starting that character off with full heirlooms and the absolute best enchants possible.  A rogue might be able to get out of the starting zone with the right gear.  Beyond that, though, I can't really see another class making it.

     I'd like to see if a Discipline Priest can do it.  The main question is whether or not Power Word: Shield absorbs count as damage taken or not.  If they do, then I can't see a priest making it.  If not, however, I can see the first few levels being difficult, but once you get PW:S, it would get a lot easier.


  1. I'm too lazy to log on my warlock at the moment, but won't life tap and whatever it's called (why yes, my warlock is level 80 and I still don't know what her spells are called)that lets you give your health to your pet to heal it actually make a warlock rather hard since you can't heal your demon?

  2. Life Tap and Health Funnel are the two spells you'd have to make sure you never hit. Oh, and Hellfire. As an affliction warlock, you do a decent amount of passive pet healing, though. That's the point of the challenge, is to play your class and know it so well, and know the game world so well, that you can do it without taking any damage.

  3. Regarding priests, there's a short delay after the bubble fades and before weakened soul wears off. Most mobs will die in under 15 seconds, but even with buffs and enchants some cata mobs took me more than 15 seconds to chew through. You'd have to pick your fights very carefully and grind a lot.

  4. as for Meelee making it all the way, yes I would think it would be hard.. the first possibility I think would be a Frost DK (kinda cheating since it starts at lvl58 or something).. however with just using Howling Blast with the slow on it you could possibly kite things like crazy... then I thought maybe a Paladin using stun and exorcism... would be a little harder maybe... Rogue would never make it unless he could kill everything in on stun lock... which works for the lower levels.. I suppose you could do some non-combat things to level up to 85 without ever fighting anything.

    1. I think you'd have to do a lot of herbalism and mining for xp to compensate for the danger of questing and dealing with mobs.