Saturday, August 18, 2012

Starter Account PvP

     Another short one today.  I was fooling around on my starter account, and my level-capped (20!) arcane mage just got That Takes Class, the achievement that requires you to get an honorable killing blow on each class.

     Now, you might think it's no big deal.  Well, at level 20, you'll have to kill a level 58 Death Knight since you'll never see one any lower than that outside of Acherus.  How does one accomplish this?

     Goldshire.  The Horde, for whatever reason, dearly loves to visit Goldshire and cause mayhem.  It's their thing to do during any length of downtime.  So, while I was in Stormwind doing lowbie mage-y things, I noticed Trade Chat erupting with variations on "PST for Goldshire Defensive Raid".

     Being a good little mage, I just hopped a flight from Stormwind to Goldshire to see if I couldn't get in a few random shots and perhaps get a little of the Honorable Kill frenzy.  I'm like a remora.  Look it up.

     So, I'm standing off in the blacksmith's shop, spamming various spells (I have like... three to work with at level 20) and missing with nearly every one.

     But, I managed to get a hit on a Death Knight with about 50 health remaining, and lo! I got my achievement! I'm up to 525 achievement points on my starter mage.


  1. that is pure awesome! my mage would have died at 20 if a level 58 even glanced my direction.

    1. Thanks! It's not too bad if you can just try to hide in the chaos. My goal is to see how far I can push the limits of a starter account.