Sunday, August 19, 2012

Triple Threat Trinket

     One of the most iconic trinkets in WoW is, I think, the Barov Servant Caller.  It's a guardian trinket that you pick up from a questline in Scholomance.  It's been around since Vanilla, pretty much unchanged other than the slight alteration during Cataclysm.  It's fairly simple.  Use it, and you get three guardians to run in and smack your target for you.  Sadly, they don't actually cook or clean, despite the fact that the tooltip insists they do.
     I've always viewed this trinket as a sort of rite of passage for all of my characters.  Each one of them has this trinket in their banks.  They don't really ever use the trinket, since it's practically useless after level 58, but they still have them tucked away in the bank. I'd like to see an update to the on-use some time in the future.  I think if it's used out of combat, or if combat ends before the duration is up, they should shine your armor and cook a pig or turkey over a fire for you.  Just because.


  1. I really like that trinket and would carry it with me more often, but I wish that it lasted a lot longer than the 10 seconds they're out to say hi, lol.

    1. Yeah, that was always my complaint. I would have loved it if Blizzard would have made it last longer out of combat.

      Still, for the level you get this at, it's not bad. It's just remembering to use the trinket at every opportunity (which I know most players won't do) that seems to be the problem.

  2. Oh I love this trinket! Have since the first time I got it! I went on a mission this weekend to get it for the few toons that didn't have it yet!