Thursday, September 13, 2012

Graphics Requirements

     Okay, I haven't actually looked at the system requirements for Mists of Pandaria, mainly because I already know I'm not going to be playing at Ultra.  As it is, my current rig can only handle Fair level graphics.  I used to be able to run on Ultra settings, and I loved it. But that machine (with twin GeForce 9800 512s) exploded, and I had to replace it with a machine that, well, simply turned on.  Money and all that.
     But the more I look at Cymre's various screenshots and Rioriel's Postcards, the more I realize just how much I'm really missing in my gameplay experience.  I mean, if you check those two out (and you really should!), you'll see some incredible detail in the game world.  Meanwhile, if you look at my screenshots and videos, you can definitely tell that I don't have an extraordinarily powerful graphics card.

     It's on the list.
     This actually brings up a good question in my mind.  I can recall seeing complaint thread after complaint thread on the forums, talking about how crappy the graphics are and how dull and cartoonish the world appears.  I'd have to say, the people making those threads may need to update their systems and make sure they're running on Ultra settings.
     Having said that, I've seen what humans look like on Ultra settings, and Blizzard seriously needs to update those models.  Poor giant-handed freaks...
     Seriously, if you compare the hands to the heads, it's absolutely insane.  Humans don't have hands the size of dinner plates.  With the exception of a few NBA players and Andre the Giant, of course.
     Stay on target, Hype.
     Oh, right.  So, I need a new graphics card.  Actually, I need a new computer.  This one works great for the standard web-and-photo stuff, but for what I really want to do, it's laughable.  I really wish I'd saved my old custom case.  That thing was ridiculously spacious inside.  I could throw in whatever overdone components I wanted into that thing and still have room to spare.
     Ah, computer nostalgia.  Back in my day, we had to use the telephone to get internet access! And I don't mean those newfangled "smartphones", neither! I mean we had to have the computer plug into the phone jack in the wall! LAND LINES, I TELL'S YA!
     Damn kids on my lawn...


  1. I was actually worried about some of the people I know that play when I saw the requirements and even more so the minimum requirements. Many will not be able to play mists. I've always looked at their lower requirements as one of the biggest factors why the game has remained so huge even with all the problems with it. This could end up hurting them. A lot when you add in all the CRZ issues.

    As for ultra. Hell yeah, on ultra 64 bit the game can be extremely visually stunning, even if cartoonish in its way. I agree, most people that say that warcrafts graphics suck are probably playing at fair or poor. The game has a lot more to offer depending on how you view it and they do a very quality job with their graphics even if most give them crap about it.

  2. I've always had good quality graphics on my past computers (mostly due to my work) so I don't think I'd be able to play this game for so long without it.

    GL with the new computer though. I'm sure whatever you get will be great :)