Friday, September 28, 2012

Making a Hunter

     Some of you may recall that I presented a challenge to another blogger specifically, and to the players generally, asking that they bring a character to maximum level without taking any damage.

     I've tried this on a few classes.  Obviously it's impossible on the melee classes.  The ranged spellcasters can pull it off, but they've got to be really careful and pray they don't miss, start from maximum range, and so forth.

     Then I decided I'd try a hunter.  I've played WoW for five years and have never even created a hunter.  Most of the people I've played with at least have a hunter in their lineup.  May I just say that the phrase "Easy to play, difficult to master" has been pretty well proven by theorycrafters and players alike?  But nobody told me it would be that easy in the first levels.

     Keep in mind that while I was leveling this guy, I wasn't really trying to avoid damage.  I was playing the hunter just to see what playing a hunter was like.  But when I got to level 10 and decided to check my statistics, I was stunned.  I'd gotten all the way to choosing a spec taking only about 600 points of damage.

     With that in mind, I think I may have to append the Zero-Damage Challenge.  If I wasn't trying and got in that low, surely it can be done with an actual ZERO.

     Now, obviously you'd want to be attacking everything from maximum range.  That's just a given.  Know your spells and when to use them.  As a hunter, it's rather obvious that a concussive shot will give you a lot more time to kill the mob before it gets to you.

     Learn how to make macros.  Macros are your friends for all occasions.  Even little ones like weaving in /startattack with your main damage spell macros.  This ensures that you're auto-attacking as well as using the special abilities.  Not a huge deal, as once combat starts, auto-attack should kick in.  but it helps to make sure that if you're using an instant-cast ability or spell, it'll get the bonus of the auto-attack as well.  If you start learning which of your combat cooldowns are off the GCD, you can weave them into every action you take.

     One example is on Hyperious.  As a holy pally, he's got a half dozen different cooldowns that can amplify various abilities.  They're all useable off the GCD.  So, since the main goal is to make sure I'm maximizing my output, I've gotten them all included in the macros for the various spells they can affect.

     But I'm getting off topic.

     Point is, if I can get a hunter from the starting area to level 10 and take that little damage, surely a more seasoned hunter aficionado can pull off the true zero.

     I realize that with Mists of Pandaria out, nobody's going to be taking the challenge any time soon.  But still.  The challenge stands for any and all who wish to attempt it.

     Hunters... Y U SO FUN?!

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