Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MoP First Impressions

     I have none.  My account lapsed a while back (hence the abundance of "Starter Edition" posts) and I haven't yet found the time to resubscribe and purchase Mists of Pandaria.

     So, I'll give you guys my first impressions based on other bloggers' first impressions, and we'll call this First Impressions Squared.  Much like making a copy of a copy, this won't be too clear.  As such, here's a happy break to shield you guys from the bad.  But secretly, you want to click it.  You have to know what Crazy Ol' Hyperious is thinking about a game he has not, himself, actually gotten to play.  Cliiiiiiiiiicky clicky!

     I hear the lag is horrifying.  I've seen a few screenshots of some of my own home servers being completely full (with a queue in the thousands and an ETA in the "calculating" range).  I've heard that the flood of people to the new zones is causing framerates to drop into the single digits and questgivers to be nigh unusable.

     Par for the course with a new expansion, then.

     Screenshots of the new zones are much like the beta screens, so the scenery doesn't look too different.  However, with more players on the live realms, we are seeing a bit more diversity and some better angles on some things.  So that's helpful.

     Realm Firsts have already been going out.  I know Navimie's guild managed to snag quite a few RFs internally.  As I understand it, it was one player.  Congratulations to them and to Navimie for the excellent coverage!

     I recall seeing a World First Level 90 achievement mentioned within hours of the European Launch.  I haven't followed up, but it's assumed that the player in question may have been exploiting something because, well, FOUR HOURS?! I'd certainly hope Pandaria would take a bit longer than that, at least for the first run through for a person.

     I never really felt the urge to go for a Realm First acheivement.  I mean, sure it's great and I'm happy for those people who get them, but... I think for my first run at Pandaria, I'd like to take my time and really enjoy the trip.  That's something that I forgot to do around Wrath's release.  I forgot to really read the quest text and understand what I was doing.  I blame some addons like QuestHelper and the like.  Not that they're bad addons, but they removed any incentive to read the quest text.  Blizzard's updated quest UI and tracker hasn't helped matters.  Now you can just accept a quest (or auto-accept in some cases) and knock off objectives without knowing the why.

     And I've gotten off topic again.

     I do that a lot, don't I?  You guys don't mind, I hope.  It's my blog anyways.

     Mists looks good from a generalized, over-the-shoulder impressions.  And hey.  Pandas.  Always a plus.

     And anyone who wants to complain about pandas needs to stop lying to themselves.  They look like fuzzy little burglars and you think they're cute.  Admit it to yourself if not to the rest of us.  Go on, we'll wait.

     Well, that's all I've got for now.  Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be back in Azeroth for real soon enough.  Gotta get those new toys!

     Any similarity in format to The Grumpy Elf's Monday Thoughts posts is entirely coincidental.  I think I've figured out how he does it.  He just thinks and the post comes out.

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