Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Non-WoW Post

     I've spent a little time playing some Texas Hold'Em poker online. I played sporadically over the past few years, but I stopped once the U.S. Legislature passed a bill effectively shutting down online gambling.
     I never played more than $5.00 a month, to ensure that it never affected my finances. One thing I've noticed when I compare online poker to an in-person game, is the direct application of the Internet Fuckwad Equation.
     See, when you're playing poker with people sitting across the table with you, you have to be reasonable and rational, and being a complete idiot will quickly cost you your chips. It'll also cost you the respect of the other players.
     But when you're playing online, especially with play chips, there are no consequences. Even if you go all-in with a stupid hand and lose, it doesn't matter. You can rebuy without any issue or delay.
     I see people playing low cards, off suit, in bad position, and they're taking it all the way to the river. And they can't be bluffing because they do it all the time.  My favorite brand of idiot rides a deuce-seven offsuit all the way to the river, calling bets on straight- and flush- threats, and somehow catches a pair on the river.
     This idiot took the worst possible hand all the way to the end of that hand, and they won. Why? Because the other SIX people who stayed in did so with equally terrible hands.
     It actually makes me miss being able to play for money. At least then, even if you didn't have to look someone in the eye as you made your attempt to buy your way out of a risky bluff, you still had to risk real money to do it.
     I'm thinking I should give up the play chip games. All they do is remind me how stupid some players can be.

     This post brought to you by Hyperious watching the Cowboys abuse the Giants (American Football for the international readers)


  1. You card shark. Remind me not to sit opposite you on the table. Though I'm not much of a poker gal, though... I wonder what your next game will be.

    1. Ha! A card shark is about the last thing I am. I just can't stand people playing THAT foolishly.

      I'll equate it to WoW. I can deal with a DPS who reacts a little slowly and takes a tick of the fire before they get out of it. I can handle a tank who misses a survival cooldown here and there but still manages to hold threat. The stuff I can't stand is when the DPS stands in the fire using a single spell, laughing about how awesome he's doing the entire time.

      That's what playing poker online for play chips is like.

  2. I think internet gambling will come back legal within a year or so.. the Casinos want it so bad and they kicked out all the competition.