Sunday, September 16, 2012

Paladin Theorycrafting

     I swore I'd never get into any theorycrafting.  I may have even bluntly stated that fact somewhere in this blog.  Don't get me wrong.  I love numbers.  I'm pretty good at math, regardless of complexity of the equations.  I just never really wanted to actually apply math to my fun.

     However, I realized long ago that most of my fun actually does involve math.  And I'm okay with that.

     Well, normally I'd leave the WoW theorycrafting to the professionals.  But I noticed something in the new Paladin talents and glyphs.  I think I've found a must-have combination, especially for healers.

     Sanctified Wrath is a level 75 talent choice.  If you didn't hover over the link for the tooltip, I'll just tell you.  Your Avenging Wrath lasts for 50% longer, granting you a total of 30 seconds of increased damage and healing.  Now that, in itself, is awesome.  That's a huge bonus.  Holy Avenger changes up rotation too much and doesn't really offer a substantial bonus over normal play to be worth choosing it (in my opinion, of course).  Divine Purpose is proc-based, and that's not really the best option for a Holy Paladin.  After all, we're already having to keep an eye on more than a few procs just because.

     Now let's look at a glyph I saw that I really liked.  Glyph of Avenging Wrath grants you 1% of your maximum health every 2 seconds while Avenging Wrath is active.  Now that means that the baseline AW will give you a total of 10% of your health back every time you pop wings (which you should be doing at every single opportunity).  With the Sanctified Wrath talent, however, that kicks it up to 15% of your maximum health over 30 seconds.

     Just be afraid of mages doing evil mage-ly things.

     But seriously.  Consider the effects of that combination of talent and glyph as a healer.  In PvP, you're getting 30 seconds of 20% more damage, in addition to being able to use Holy Shock twice as often (cause that's not OP or anything) and getting a free 15% self-heal-over-time.  That's huge.  Look at it from a PvE perspective.  Most raids now have some area damage on every encounter.  The healers are not immune to damage (despite my many letters to Blizzard's corporate offices).  So the healing doesn't go to waste, and during high-damage periods, the boosted frequency and potency of Holy Shock in addition to the faster generation of Holy Power makes this a ridiculously good setup.

     Now look at it from a Protection point of view.  It's a bonus survival cooldown with a big window of opportunity.  Giving your healers a thirty second window of bonus heals while also giving yourself 15% of your maximum health and dealing more damage while using a high-threat spell twice as often...

     That's tank-worthy, if you ask me.  Certainly more than the other two talents in the Level 75 Tier.

     I'm not good enough at Retribution Paladins to really offer any insight, but as I know that they love Avenging Wrath, the talent is a good choice.  And if they're into PvP, the glyph is also highly effective.  Consider that most battlegrounds have a bit of time between skirmishes (just by the very nature of how the combat works), the odds of having AW available for the fight are not bad.  And giving yourself a HoT during combat is always a good idea.  Especially if you can do it without spending a single extra GCD (which, as we know, can spell the difference between victory and being eaten by dirty, dirty rogues).

     So, there we have it.  Hyperious attempts to theorycraft.  Hopefully, some of this made sense to you guys.  If not, reroll a paladin, level to max as holy, and be the best damned paladin you can.  After all, Paladins are the best class ever.


  1. I can't wait to try out that new talent in raids when MoP comes out, it just sounds too sexy, lol.

    And yes, paladins are THE best class eva!

  2. I dunno, I really like Holy Avenger for prot. Dropping out a WoG every other gcd is a tremendous amount of healing, a lot more than 15% of my health. Plus I can use it to heal others if the healer needs a hand, or throw out a tremendous number of Shields of the Righteous, which hit like trucks, to make something dangerous die faster.

    1. Well, I can see your point, but if you're not having trouble with the threat generation, then the extra shields won't be as powerful as an overall increase in damage and threat as 20% for 30 seconds, and it'll also remove some of the weight from the healers' shoulders. It's all a matter of gameplay, also. Holy Avenger is *fantastic* for soloing content, I'll grant you. I doubt you'd find many who could say that it doesn't provide some amazing benefits. But in the raiding scene, I'm a believer that any passive healing and any prolonged damage-dealing buffs are a huge advantage.