Friday, September 14, 2012

Should Hyperious Use Twitter?

     A big piece of news recently was that Greg Street, a.k.a Ghostcrawler, lead developer for World of Warcraft, finally hopped on the Twitter train and started tweeting to players, fans, and haters alike.  And one thing I've noticed is that I may be the only WoW blogger that doesn't use twitter.
     So, the big question.  Should Hyperious, collector of toys and killer of many bad things, champion of the Light and of cookies, defender of the weak and master chef of recipes involving gnomes, *deep breath, Hype, you've got a long way to go* bite the bullet and get on Twitter?
     If I did do that, should I go for a handle based on the blog name or my own?
     What do I do, fellow bloggers and readers? What do I do?!

     Cause seriously, Twitter...


  1. Do like I did, make one and never log into it.

    This old dog learned half a new trick. :)

  2. Grumpy could never stick to 140 characters. Personally I have never touched Twitter, but why not give a try and see what happens, and then let me know what to do.

  3. Hyperious, you're not the ONLY one who doesn't use Twitter. However, I find now that I use twitter mostly to message other bloggers. I hardly tweet about my posts on twitter anymore. And I don't get on often enough to retweet other's posts. So I'd say get on it to get instant messages from people... but it can get rather addictive and mind numbing I think.