Thursday, September 27, 2012

Starter Account - Pet Battles!

     I bet you thought this would be about how great I think the pet battle system is.

     Nope.  Because of this.

     Hype doesn't get to battle with pets on a starter account, because starter accounts are capped at 10g.  That means that even though it's not *technically* locked out (because it shows up and I can access it and the only reason I can't buy it is because I can't afford it), I have no way of actually training for pet battles on the starter account.

     Which is crap, actually.  Because the starter account is meant to give players the chance to see many aspects of the game which would entice them to buy the full version.  If I have a starter account, and I get to do a little pet battling, and I decide I really like it and want to collect ALL THE PETS, then I'd have to buy the full version simply because I can't survive the trip to anywhere that has more pets.

     So, there we go.  Yes, I realize Starter Accounts are supposed to be limited, but come on.  If you have to keep the cost of pet battles at 80g, at least let me purchase some kind of token or voucher or something that stacks to 8 so I can make my Westfall Chicken get into a fight with an Orange Tabby or something.

     Chickens win against cats, right? Right?



  1. "Chickens win against cats, right? Right?"

    My barn cats have always been too smart to get involved in battles with barnyard hens.

    Functionally, the Orange Tabby is a beast with attacks that do well against type Critter while the Westfall Chicken is a flyer with attacks useful against Undead and Aquatic types.

    It's true I saw little evidence of Undead around my barnyard when growing up.

    Westfall Chicken: Don't call this bird chicken unless you want egg on your face.

    Orange Tabby Cat: The last person who tried to housebreak this cat quickly learned that a soiled rug is better than a shredded everything-else.