Monday, April 30, 2012

School of Hard Knocks

     I'm betting the average reader doesn't have School of Hard Knocks, the achievement inside the Children's Week Meta that is inside the What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been.  Judging by the various and sundry forum posts (of which there are probably a billion by now), this is the one achievement that stands between many players and the Violet Proto Drake, the mount granted for completing WALSTIB, the mount that grants Master Flying (310% speed) without the 5000g cost, the mount that says "I did it!"
     However, let's take a look at the achievement as it is and try to figure out why it's so difficult for people to accomplish.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Opposite Sides of the Same Coin

     I have my paladin, as is likely well-known by now.  He is a healer, a conduit of the Light and a champion of all that is good in the world.  He has reputations to exalted.  My GOD does he have reputations... Fifty-three at last check, though with a few more heroics and a couple of tabards, that should be at the Fifty-five mark in short order.
     I have other toons as well, but none quite so far removed from Hyperious' personality and disposition as Sinisterius, my warlock (I'm so original with my names, I know!).  See, Sin (for brevity) doesn't just kill with purpose.  Nope, Sin is an asshole.  Through and through.  He'll kill without purpose.  He's a selfish, monstrous, watch-the-world-burn kind of jerkwad (only in character, of course.  I'm not a douche in dungeons).
     And it's with that in mind that I've decided to take on a task.  This task may be insanely difficult.  It may be nigh impossible.  But I will take it on, nonetheless.
     Where Hyperious craves the love of all factions, Sin will be his counterpart.  Sin will do whatever is necessary to have the worst possible reputation pane in the game.  He will declare war with all factions.  He will find any possible way to lower his standing with the whole damned world.
     He will be the monster under the bed if he can.
     I really hope it's doable.  I've already started some preliminary research, and it appears you can declare war on pretty much every faction except the main Horde or Alliance factions (the actual player factions).  I'm sure there are a few that I'll have to accept as being untouchable, but overall, I'm going to make Sin the monster he always wanted to be.
     I'll try to keep the readers updated on his progress.  Hopefully this project won't fizzle out ten minutes in like the other four million crazy ideas I had regarding WoW.

     What personalities do you, the reader, attribute to your characters, whether you roleplay them or not?

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Return To Fundamentals or Blizz Spoiled Me Bad

     I am, above all else, a healer.  That's what I decided to be when I first rolled my paladin who has since seen and done amazing things across Azeroth.  During BC, paladins were sort of a running joke (much like during Vanilla), but I stuck with it.  I healed my metal-covered ass off.  During Wrath, Paladins were shown tons of love.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


     Okay, let me start by saying I don't have a druid.  Well, I do, but he's a whopping level 30 and has been rotting away on my character screen just above my bank alt.  It's just that he's not that interesting to me.
     However, looking at Symbiosis in the MoP beta makes me mildly interested in picking him up, dusting him off, and respeccing balance.  Why balance? Because Symbiosis, when cast on a mage, grants the balance druid Mirror Image.  What could be more awesome or incredibly creepy than having that one fat squawking lazerchicken become four fat squawking lazerchickens?
     None of the other aquired abilities really strike me as fun, but I can see them all being somewhat useful to the various druid specs.
     And to be honest, I doubt I'll manage to level this little druid any time soon.  Perhaps by the time MoP is winding down, I'll get around to it.

Resto Druid Flatulence

     Kind of a disgusting title, I know, but it's fitting...

     I know it's Thursday and I usually do a transformation item, due to my weird love of alliteration, but I found this one the other day while wasting time in the Firelands, and I had to feature it.

     Today's item is freakin' expensive.  I mean it's absurd, even with the inflated value of dailies and what not out there to make money.  It'll cost you 3500g, and it's only available after you've opened up all the Firelands Dailies.  Ironically, as this expansion progresses forward, fewer and fewer people are out there doing the dailies.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On Bad Tanks

     I was tanking some dungeons with my warrior today.  All in all, it was a good experience.  I won't claim to be the most amazing tank ever, nor the best geared, but I think I can hold my own in your average dungeon group. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Special Day, A Special Trinket

     Today is my wife's birthday! I won't say which one, because there's a good chance she'll kill me with Crusader Strike and then loot my corpse.  Here's a lovely Delicious Chocolate Cake for you! Happy Birthday!

     Since it's her birthday, I'll need to get her a special gift.  I know she likes dragons, specifically little ones, so perhaps I can get her one of those!  None of the regular fleshy ones, though.  They eventually die, and they don't even fight while they're alive.  No, I think I'll get her an Elementium Dragonling! Chicks love little metal death-machines, right?

     This little beauty will come out for a 1 minute fight every 5 minutes, and he's got a pretty decent health pool for a guardian.  You'll have to be level 80 and at least 475 Engineering to use this, but that should stop anyone who really wants to have a cute little fire-breathing metal dragon following them around and fighting things.

     One thing to bear in mind, however, is that this particular guardian is set to aggressive, so be prepared for him to just run off and start attacking things at random if he's out.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Big Bird's Revenge

     Hopefully the title doesn't get me sued.

     It's Transformation Thursday once again, so today I bring you a fun little toy that is a righteous pain in the ass to farm for.  The Time-Lost Figurine transforms the player into the image of a Skettis Arakkoa for 5 minutes.  The only way to obtain is this to kill Terokk. And the only way to kill Terokk is to summon him.

     Summoning Terokk is not so easy.  You'll have to get through a good amount of quests with the Sha'tari Skyguard in the Skettis area to get the quest where you'll summon Terokk from the bone pile in the middle of the zone.  Wowhead comments vary, but it seems that you can kill Terokk, loot his corpse, and then abandon the quest, then pick it up again.  If this does work, it will remove the need to go through the process over and over again of getting the 40 Time-Lost scrolls, summoning mini-bosses, then using their organs (ew..) to get the Time-Lost Offering for Terokk's bone pile...

     Assuming that you did what I did, however, and turned in the quest... You'll have to do it the hard way to farm Terokk for the trinket.  Is it easy? Hell no, even when you are well past level-appropriate.  Is it worth it? Mmmm... only if you want to be one of three arakkoa (including Terokk himself!) for five minutes every half-hour.

     The plus side of it is that Blizzard actually gave the transformation model some emotes to work with, so you can actual make the bird dance if that's how you want to spend your five minutes.

     The trinket has a 9% drop rate according to Wowhead, so be prepared for a long haul if you want this.  And if that wasn't enough to deter you, the summoning bone pile has its own respawn timer of 15 minutes.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wish List: Ultimate Destroyer/Defender

     I know there are lots of pop culture references in WoW, but I think there's one that should no longer be overlooked.  I have a few ideas on how it can be introduced into Azeroth, most of which involve some psychotic Mechagnome (like Mimiron) constructing a device of ultimate power (like all the other ones we've faced down over the years).

Monday, April 9, 2012

On Noblegarden OR Bringing Out The Worst

     Generally, I love the holidays in WoW.  Midsummer Fire Festival, Winterveil, Love Is In The Air, and so forth... I love them.
     But I cannot stand Noblegarden.  I may stand alone in the WoW Blogging community in this respect, but I just can't stand it.  For the duration of Noblegarden, you've got every low-level quest hub (Razor Hill, Goldshire, etc) filled to the brim with players either camping egg spawns or running around psychotically trying to catch the next one before everyone else.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shine Down On Me

     There are a few toys out there that serve a purpose beyond the norm.  That is, they're useful in the game besides being a guardian or increasing your stats in some way.  I know quite a few raid leaders that use different smoke flares (In Red, White, Purple, and Green).  However, they're not always as easy to see when you've got a lot of people running around in a boss fight.  They're great for explanations, don't get me wrong, but they rarely last for the duration of the fight (unless your guild is just that good, at which point I doubt you'd need the visual aids in the first place).
    So what do you use when you need a big, visible focal point for your raiders? 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

On Harassment in Azeroth

     There's a fine line between ganking lowbies on a PvP realm and hunting, harassing, and stalking them in and out of the game world.  One of my very dear friends has been dealing with this very situation for a while now.  In game, of course, they can use the ignore feature.  But when the harasser gathers legions of alts and friends on other accounts to join in the harassment, /ignore only does so much.  It gets worse when the harasser takes it out of game, going to guild websites and stalking in a far creepier fashion.
     Sadly, this is something that happens far too often.
     Folks, this is a game.  I say that first because I don't want that to be forgotten.  It's a game, designed to be fun, designed to be entertaining, and designed to be SOCIAL.
    When you harass someone, bully them, or treat them in a manner other than how you would like to be treated, you ruin the game.  You also hurt someone.  Yes, I realize that on your screen, they're just pixels, but the same is true of you on other people's screens.
     I don't pretend to know what makes people seem to take such enjoyment out of treating people negatively, but I know that there is no justifiable reason for it.  Certainly not to the extent of going to every safe place they have to further the harassment.
     So before you type that hateful message in whisper, trade, or party chat, remember one thing:  Someone out there has feelings just like you.  Why do you need to destroy them to make yourself feel better?  What could you possibly gain from that?
     People will say "If you don't like it, don't play the game".
     It's not that simple if the bad person isn't limiting themselves to the game.  Furthermore, quitting the game may be exactly what they're hoping for, and that kind of twisted validation will only further encourage such behavior.
     I don't really know where I'm going with this other than to say "Don't be a douchebag, because in the end, everyone gets what they gave."  If you give kindness, you'll get it in return.  If you give venom and hatred, don't be surprised when the target of your cruelty begins to retaliate.  There are legal avenues open to people being bullied, and yes, you can be charged and have things put on your record for bullying across the internet.
    So think before you speak.  Because what you say, regardless of medium, is your responsibility, and you alone will have to face the consequences of your actions.
     I, for one, am a more vengeful person than most, and I truly hope that the end result for this person treating my friend this way is one of legal troubles, financial destruction (lawyers cost a lot when they're defending you) and general loss of quality of life.
     Blizzard is already aware of the situation, but it seems their approach is more of a "protect the subscriptions" and not "protect the customers".  Hopefully, they'll get their priorities right and put an end to this nonsense once and for all.  At least in game, there can be a small measure of peace.

Extra Crispy Chicken

     It's Transformation Thursday, and that means you're going to have your molecules ripped apart and slammed back together into a completely different (and probably slightly uncomfortable) shape and size.  You may have fur or feathers or lose an eye.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Angry Bear's Ghostly Friend

     Recently I discussed the Stave of Fur and Claw and how fun it is to be a giant angry bear.  But what could be more fun than being an angry bear and having an angry bear friend beside you?
     Today's item is the Defender of the Timbermaw, a trinket that takes a bit of work to get.  You have to be exalted with Timbermaw Hold (which used to be no easy task, believe me) and complete the Root of All Evil quest in Winterspring. 
     It takes a bit of farming to get to exalted, and occasionally some superhuman patience, but you'll get there.  Defender of the Timbermaw calls forth an ancestral furbolg to fight beside you in battle and to heal you occasionally.  It has a ten minute cooldown for a 30 second summon, so it's not exactly like you get to be a pair of bears too often.
     So if you've gotten to exalted with Timbermaw Hold, do yourself a favor and get this and the Stave of Fur and Claw.  Then do something wacky as twin bears.  Send me a screenshot if you want.  I'll throw it up here somewhere.