Monday, July 30, 2012

A Challenge for Grumpy

     I read a recent post by The Grumpy Elf (Hunter aficionado, for those of you who don't yet read his blog regularly) wherein he stated the following.

You could probably level most ranged classes without ever even taking damage until level 30 or so.  I am sure I could level a hunter without taking much or any damage all the way to 85.
     Now, that's a pretty bold statement.  However, seeing as how Mr. Elf has what? 10 hunters or something? Yeah, sounds about right.  Anyways, seeing as how he's got a bajillion hunters, he obviously knows his class.  And he's right.  As a ranged class (especially one with a pet), he might be able to pull off levelling all the way to 85 without taking a hit.

     So here's my challenge.  It's similar to Ironman in a few ways.  You'll have to be careful.  You'll have to be sure to know exactly what's going on around you at all times.  No dying (obviously, since dying causes a wee bit of damage). No damage taken.

     Use whatever gear you want, whatever spec you want, whatever consumables, group up, whatever.  But no damage. Falling damage, fatigue damage, fire damage from a brazier nearby, none of it.

     Get to 85 without a point of damage, Grumpy.  That's my challenge to you.  And please, do keep us updated.  I have a feeling such an epic feat would be a truly incredible story to follow.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


     So, recently I visited Navimie's blog (which all of you should do, as well!) and declared my desire to be Navispammed.  After all, with a cool gold medal and everything involved with it, what blogger *wouldn't* want to be Navispammed?  Is Navispammed a trademarked word yet? I don't want to get sued for, let's see... four counts of using "Navispammed" without authorization.

     Alas, the first attempt didn't go so well.  Due to my work schedule being... How do I put this delicately?



     Well, our paths didn't quite cross.

     But I got a cool letter in the mail! I love getting letters in the mailbox.  Usually my mailbox is just AH spam and stuff from my alts.  Getting actual mail is really fun!

Hopefully next time, Navimie!


Navimie came back! We only had a little time, but it was long enough to meet up in Mulgore for a couple of pictures! And I got to play my Arcanite Ripper! Hopefully we'll meet again some time!  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Naxxramas 25

     So, I *finally* completed Naxx 25.  Yeah, just now.  Seriously, what the hell?  It was out like... four years ago or something.
     Well, in any case, I did it in a group of 15 people, most of whom had never even seen Naxx before.  That was interesting.
     As was the Frogger Event.  You guys remember that insanity?  That thing could wipe a raid faster than any other boss.  Hell, in my old raiding guild during Wrath, we'd have dedicated rezzers with really low latency positioning themselves between the rows of slimes.  Then we'd have an engineer with Jeeves standing at the far end (once he made it through, of course) to repair everyone's obliterated gear.

     Where was I?

     Oh, right.  Naxx25 complete with 15 people.  Got myself a total of 180 more achievement points, which means I'm no longer stuck at exactly 10,000.

     That's all for now.  Just a short post.

     Naxx 25... More raids should be that fun.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Warlock Pet Names

     I once had a lock (that I deleted for some reason or other) with a voidwalker pet named Grimrath.

     Grim. Wrath.

     Perfect name for a blueberry of pure evil bound in servitude to a slightly more evil warlock.

     Anyone else seen any really kick-ass demon names, either their own or someone else's?

     I'm dying to know.

     I'd also like Blizzard to put in something like a Book of Demonic Names that would let you actually *choose* the name of your summoned demon, rather than just going through craptons of gold using the demon trainer's name randomizer.

     My current lock has a Felpuppy named Khiinom.  Not a fantastic name, but I've grown to like him.  He does bounce off towards the enemy in much the same way as my IRL dog leaps from the couch onto her stuffed dragon (we've taught her so well!).

     This post was inspired by The Daily Frostwolf's "Happiness is a Warm Felpuppy".  If you haven't checked out the Frostwolves blog, go do that right meow.

     I'm tired.  This is all I have for tonight.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blogging Update

     A blog entry about... upcoming blog entries...


     So I've finally managed to get my digital hands on some good in-game video recording software, and while I have to sacrifice actual playing framerates to get the videos, I'm pleased with the quality of the videos themselves.

     Which brings me to my point.

     I've started making short little videos about each of the toys I've featured here thus far (and I realize it's been a while since I featured one) and have uploaded them to YouTube.  I intend to embed these videos into the posts that I've already done, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't just revise and republish the posts instead.

     Any thoughts from my readers (all four of you!)?

     In any case, future posts will include videos behind cuts to spare those of you on mobile devices.  Because we all know that while the commercials say you can stream video in HD, they neglect to mention that you first have to buffer half the video in their "Next Generation, Better-Than-The-Other-Guy" networks that all suck.

     I'm off track again.

     Anywho, videos eventually.  Pay attention!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On Being "Carried"

     I spent last night running heroics on my Undead Mage, trying to get the last few Justice Points I needed to get that one Tier piece that would bring my ilevel to 353 and let me into Twilight Heroics, where the gear falls like a glorious Purple Rain.

     Huh. Prince reference there.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Burning Stormwind To The Ground

     I've been goofing around on my starter account this weekend, seeing what else one could accomplish on a severely restricted account, and I managed to stumble upon this lovely little glitch in Stormwind.  Have a look.

Nobody's quite sure what's causing it.  Checking the combat log only shows that you're taking fire damage.  No source is mentioned.

It hits fairly small (at least on a level 20 character), but it hits so fast that I can't survive more than about four seconds in the damage field.

I am impressed.