Monday, January 7, 2013

Battle Pet Trainers and Profiteering

I'm fairly certain the pet battle trainers that you're supposed to be able to duel have all agreed to boycott me.

I'm not sure why, exactly.

None of them will actually battle me.  Unless I'm just completely stupid.

Which is a very distinct possibility.

Due to the prohibitive cost of faction changes and server hops, I haven't yet managed to bring my main to my new server's Alliance side.  Say nothing, you Horde enthusiasts!  It's just a game, and my friends are all Alliance at the moment.

I also discovered more than a few characters spread over the disparate realms upon which I have meandered throughout the years.

And some of them had gold by the Bag-of-Holding-ful.

So, rather than attempt to transfer them all to a server and wind up clogging my character screen with toons I'd just as soon delete, I decided to try something entirely different.

I checked the prices for different pets on my primary server.  Saw which ones were selling high, which ones were hardly represented, and which ones were flooded.

And then I checked the auxiliary servers' markets and bought those various pets that would sell higher on my primary server.

Learn, log out, log in, cage, rinse, repeat.


Not sure how long that can last, though.  I mean, the concept is fairly intriguing.  I mean, Blizzard has been steadfast in their resistance to allowing gold to be transferred between servers.  However, the rise of account-wide pets in combination with the ability to cage them on any character has given some of us an opportunity.

If you want to make some serious gold, the account-wide pets has opened up the markets for you.

You're not tied to a specific faction at all.  So long as you've got a level 1 Alliance and a level 1 Horde toon on a server, you can bounce pets all over the place and get the most bang for your buck.

Where before, the biggest and best of the AH game only had to understand the flow of one server, now they must know many.  Ideally, you'd want to buy from a server where old-world raids are the norm and then sell on a server that is generally a low-population server.  Mind you, that's just one example.

Point is, the game has changed.  Well, the game within the game.  The Auction House Game, I mean.

An entirely new dimension has been added to it.  Now we must learn to buy and sell across multiple servers, attempting to maintain the maximum possible profitability.

This will be fun.

But seriously, those damned pet trainers won't battle me.  And I don't know why.

Stupid jerkfaces.


  1. if you haven't upgraded to MoP, there is a bug that prevents them from giving you the quest that lets you fight them, this bug can also happen if you battled before upgrading. You need to petition a GM to have them get on one of your characters and get the quests for you , if that's the problem you are having.

  2. I wrote in a post the other day how none of the gold making sites had noticed the money to be made doing that yet. Not very good gold making sites if you ask me if they have not yet noticed the beauty of pet trafficking. There in gold in those critters, lots of if. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Have you taken the starting quest?

    You can only get the starting alliance quests from the alliance side and the starting horde quests from the horde sides. Once you finish them all you can do them all.

    You also need to finish entire areas, defeat all the masters, before the dailies are opened up. So if you have not beat all the eastern kingdom ones (on the same character) including the one by Kara you will have no dailies there. Same for Kal and all those with the wintersping one.

  3. I was going to say what obscurefox said, but she beat me! I'm not sure if they just aren't showing the quest, or whether when you click it gives that stupid "You are already in a battle" message.