Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Okay, I *finally* got around to trying out a hunter legitimately, not just seeing if I could get to level 5 without taking a hit.

Hunters are fun.  I like hunters.  I mean, I'm only at 18 so far on my hunter, but it's pretty good so far.  I'm liking the fact that the vast majority of mobs can't reach me before I've blown their heads off.  I'm finding they're very gear-dependent, however, and that's making the leveling process a little rough.

Still, Agility leather isn't exactly hard to come by when you're a leatherworker and a skinner.

I think they should really rebalance the requirements of leatherworking's leveling process, however.  I mean, I got my skinning to 75 and turned over to the leatherworking, where I got to about 30.  Following the appropriate pathway for maximum production.

I'm in a new guild now.  A couple of friends and I have all thrown our lots in together.  In a few weeks, after my bank account recovers from the cataclysmic impact of Christmas Shopping, I'll bring my main Alliance-side and get him in the guild.  In the meantime, however, it's just leveling a new rogue, warlock, and hunter.

The rogue's pretty fun in MoP.

In fact, let me back up a bit.

MoP came out during my hiatus.

Since coming back, I've had the unimaginable task of relearning all my characters, choosing their talent points, and generally figuring out just what the hell they're all doing.

Take Warlocks, for example.  First tier talents, everyone thinks Harvest Life is great.

And it is.  As long as you're doing nothing EVER but dungeons.

But if you need to solo anything, remember that your self-healing capabilities are dramatically reduced when compared to Soul Leech's value.

So I had to respec both my 85 'lock and my newbie 30s 'lock because of that realization.

Rogues.  Those guys are *FUN*  I mean, I'm not a huge fan of the talent options, but then they weren't supposed to be game-changing so much as stylistic variations upon an overall theme.  So, ignoring the ineffectiveness of those talents, the core function of the subtlety rogue is goddamned awesome.

*sneak sneak* *stabeverythinginthefaceallthetimeHEEHEE!* *vanish*

Hunters.  Shoot everything with a concussive shot first to make sure they never get to you.  If they do get to you, disengage to buy more time.  Rinse repeat.

Seriously, it's just too much fun.

Paladins got all kinds of weird.  I'm seriously considering leveling another paladin from scratch just to learn what the hell happened.  I mean, the departure from 96969 on Prot and HealSplashing in Holy to the Cataclysm model was hard enough.  I did it, but it wasn't easy.  The MoP model, however, is going to require that I spend some time and completely overhaul my entire UI.

Which I'm not prepared to do until I can afford a more powerful computer.  Because while I love this computer, it's not exactly a top-end gaming rig.

Haven't tried my prot warrior yet.  Not sure how he'll work.  I'm nervous, to be honest.

Haven't done much on my fire mage, either.  Mainly because every legitimate talent (in my opinion, at least) is a frost-based spell.  Which sucks.  Because FIRE. BURN ALL THE THINGS.

Disc priest.  Haven't even logged in on that guy.  Not entirely sure if/when I will do that.  I may not do that for a long while.



Hunters are fun.  I'm still a paladin at heart, though.  Just in case any of your hunter-sympathizers out there are thinking of converting me. I'm lookin' at you, Grumpy.


  1. I've been saying for a long time leatherworking needs to be redone. Too much leather is required to make things when you only get one per animal. At least let us get 2-6 skins per animal and that would even it out some.

    You have already begun the conversion process and you do not even know it. Hunters are really fun and as you get more abilities you get to do more fun stuff. Concussive is a huge boost at low levels, nothing will ever touch you.

    Hunters being gear dependent is a new thing. It was never that bad until this expansion. Hunter were always good right out of the box with whatever they wore. Now they are, argumentatively, the most gear dependent class in the game.

    1. I've got to say, I'm really enjoying the PvP aspect of it. I mean, I had a blast doing lowbie rogue slaughterfests, but with the hunter...

      I can practically feel the opponent's fury as I Disengage away, trapping them in a net while I shoot them in the face repeatedly.