Sunday, February 17, 2013

Vial of the Sands

When archaeology came out, it was fun.  I liked it.  Leveling it, going on the hunt for all the artifacts, seeking out digsites... it was a blast.

But then, after a while, I felt like I was required to do it.  I spent more time in Kalimdor than I ever wanted to just grinding digs waiting for one to appear in Uldum.

Hours and hours, days and weeks, all spent in the arduous quest to get to the next Canopic Jar would would *hopefully* have the Alchemy recipe, Vial of the Sands.

It was to be my crowning glory as an alchemist.  I never had access to a goldsink like that before.  Hyperius is my alchemist, and has been since his inception so many years ago.

I picked up alchemy and herbalism right from the start of my WoW career.

Finally, last night, I was working on Archaeology in Pandaria.  I just wanted to get it to 600 so I could be done with it again.  I'd written off the whole idea of ever seeing that recipe.  For me, the effort that I'd put in should've been more than enough, yet I never saw it.

20 canopic jars, not once did I see it.

Then, Pandaren archaeology changed the game for me.  Every artifact I turned in gave me Tol'vir fragments.

I solved something or other, and got a canopic jar.  I was only a few fragments short of completing it.

I had a Spirit of Harmony on me, so I went and bought another artifact to turn in.  It felt like gambling.  This jar had to be complete.  Even if it didn't have the recipe, at least it wouldn't be staring at me from the Archaeology profession window.

I solved the jar.

I opened the jar.

Since then, I've opened my alchemy window a dozen times to make sure the recipe is still there.

I finally, after over two years of searching (I think, when did Cataclysm come out?), I finally got my crowning achievement as an Alchemist.

I still lack a few recipes, but they are no longer available.  They're the ones that used to drop from the World Dragons that stood by the portals into the Emerald Dream (which, by the way, Blizzard still needs to make into a new expansion)

Hyperius is 90.  And while I'm working on gearing him up as a sufficient tank, the most important goal for me has finally come to pass.

I can make you turn into a giant dragon with a skin condition.


  1. I got mine in the 3rd or 4th jar I finished. Still no mount or pet from there however and I do like you, trade in every little bit I can for tol'vir fragments. I don't think I will ever see the mount or pet.

    I went looking for a bunch of the alchemy patterns at the end of last expansion knowing they would be taken out. Got all the protection ones from icecrown. So funny with how many things I had killed there on multiple characters over the years and I had never knew they were there. Took me quite some time but I got all over them.

    There are only a few patterns left in game I do not have but I am starting to suspect that even if they say they are still in game they no longer exist. What can I say, I am a completest, even if I will never make the potions or flasks I feel compelled to get them.

  2. Yeah, gratz on ur vial!
    I love that mount :)

  3. Grats on the vial Hyperious! I think it's an awesome mount :)