Saturday, July 5, 2014

On Identifiers

Howdy.  It's been a while, I know. I haven't died, I've just been busy.


So, earlier today I came across a comment on a picture that got me thinking. It was in reference to the LGBT community defines itself and its members by their sexuality. The comment suggested that they should not use sexuality as their identifier if they wish to be given credibility in their fight.

Quick side note: I am in full support of equal rights.

Back to the main topic. The idea that the "gay community should not not use their sexuality as their identity" is laughable. Allow me to explain.

Rights are denied them based on this single identifier. Therefore, in the fight to have those rights, they must, by necessity, embrace this identifier.  If that single factor of their identity is the only reason given by those in power to deny them the same rights others enjoy, then it stands to reason that the very same factor must be the most important factor.

Allow me to explain by using a different example entirely.

Let us pretend that an individual has religion A, skin color B, hobbies C through J, and Occupation K.

If those in power stated that everyone with Hobby E is to be denied rights afforded everyone else, the other letters are irrelevant to the identity of this person as it pertains to that issue.  This is not to say that their identity is solely defined by the letter E in general, but specifically in this issue.

In this way, if people feel sexuality should not be such an important identifier, they shouldn't be trying to use that sexuality as a justification for willful and prolonged inequality.

In closing, whenever you find yourself thinking that an individual is using their sexuality as the primary identifier for themselves, try to remember that it wasn't their decision, but the decision of those on the other side of their fight.

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  1. Hey Hyperious, long time no see :)
    I was reading this and not sure exactly where you stood on the issue. However, I think that what the original commenter said about "not using your sexuality as an identifier" is part of the problem.
    People who say that are wanting to "see" the people as normal, and want to treat them as normal, but don't want people to show their individuality means they haven't quite accepted them as normal. Or, it could be because they think that people using labels are trying to court special favours or exceptions. I'm not saying that they are, though, because I think I couldn't care less if someone said to me "Oh an I'm a Lesbian," because I would say "Cool. You ok to tank this fight?" Because if you truly don't care about their sexuality, then it shouldn't matter whether they tell you about it or not. Oof, that was long winded of me....