Thursday, July 24, 2014

Validation Whoring


That place you go because you want to keep in touch with family.

Even a few friends.

But then, occasionally, one of them likes or shares a post that starts with that delightful phrase, "Can we get some likes for..." and you know it's going downhill from there.

It's bullshit.

Of course I like that those kids with prosthetic legs are running a foot race.  That's awesome and I applaud their effort.

But I'm not clicking like because you blatantly asked me to do just that. You haven't said anything of value. You've said "acknowledge that I, the administration of this particular Facebook page in the endless morass of banality, have posted a picture of something impressive."

Now, if you had said something like "Hey, these kids are awesome, here's a link to donate a few bucks to improve the program and get more kids prosthetics", I'd like it, share it, and probably donate something to the cause.

But the absurdity of "Is this good enough to get a hundred thousand likes?" is just insane. It's reminiscent of Reddit's "Any love for ______?" that I also can't stand. Of course a website with millions of users will have a group that appreciate your rainbow-dyed hairstyle. You're a dumbass for actually thinking there's a chance that you are truly so unique.

And since nobody can truly believe that they and they alone are the sole proprietors of "Enjoyment of Rainbow Hair", that leads us to the conclusion that they're seriously just begging strangers for validation.

So while I may use Facebook to keep in touch with my family, I also spend more time than I'd like to admit blocking stupid crap.

Also, I'm pretty sure Jesus doesn't give a damn if I've liked a Facebook page mentioning that he exists. I'm pretty sure any diety worth believing in would be more concerned about whether or not I'm being an asshole.

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