The Cast and Crew

I have multiple characters that I play with some regularity, depending on my mood and what activities my wife and I are engaged in while playing.  I'd like to introduce them to you.

     First of all, there is my main, Hyperious, the holy paladin.  Look at that guy.  He's the one I've done it all on.  I've done all the reputation grinds, all the quests, all the everything.  If I've done it on one toon, you can bet I've done it with him.
     I raided during late-BC and all through Wrath, though due to work schedules and such, I never managed to finish ICC.  I haven't raided in Cataclysm other than a few forays into LFR.  I may try to reenter the raiding scene during Mists, but I haven't decided yet.
     I'd have to say that the main focus of Hyperious has been collecting things.  Mounts, pets, random toys (which was the original inspiration for this blog), you name it.  My bank is full of all kinds of useless nonsense.  Well, useless in the current content sense, at least.  But it's all fun stuff.
     Hyperious is an herbalist and an alchemist.
     I've been Holy from the start, though in late Wrath, I picked up tanking in order to get into dungeons faster in LFD.  I had some fun, but I'm a healer at heart. 

     As far as backstory goes, Hyperious is a very devout follower of the Light.  He believes that evil must be vanquished by the righteous, and his duty is to support those valiant others by keeping them alive and in good health during the various battles they face.  He is deeply mistrustful of warlocks.  After all, they consort with demons.  He finds that he gets along rather well with druids, despite the obvious differences in their deities.
     During one sparring session with a druid friend, neither party managed to achieve victory for nearly 45 minutes.  Reports are hazy as to the final outcome.  Hyperious usually feigns deafness if the subject is brought up.

     Next up is Doh.  Yes, Doh, as in "D'oh!", the exclamation of stupidity from Homer Simpson.  I thought it fitting considering Doh is a protection warrior and is taking many hits to the face.  That's his gig.  He's a simple character, in all his beefy cow-ness.  He trusts most people with little reservation, often to a fault.  However, should one prove themselves to be an enemy of Doh or his friends (like a certain priest), they will find themselves under a brutal and unyielding assault from a juggernaut of destruction.
     Doh believes that because he is bigger than everyone else, he should be the one taking the hits while his fellow adventurers do the real damage.
     I've got two specs for Doh, both Protection.  One is an AoE threat spec and the other is single target, usually boss fights.  I often forget to switch to single target before a boss pull, but with warrior threat generation where it's at right now, there's not much of a difference anyways.  I like my cow.  He's dumb as a rock sometimes, but he can really hold it down when things get a little dicey in a dungeon.
     After particularly messy pulls, like the ones where a couple of extra trash packs get brought in, he tends to belch loudly afterwards.  Don't ask me why.  He just does that.
     Doh is a miner and a blacksmith.

     This is Deathbolt.  He is angry.  That's all he is.  He was angry in life, and he's still angry in undeath.  And his anger, as always, has fueled his use of fire.  He is a fire mage, as he was before he died and was resurrected into the Forsaken.  He is very quiet, usually not speaking to anyone.  Speech, after all, is sometimes difficult when your tongue has rotted from your face.
     His mission in life and death seems to be to torch everything he blames for his misery and anger.  Sadly, at this point, he no longer remembers why he's angry or who he's angry at.  So he simply burns everyone in his path.
     He's a skinner and a tailor, and when he's not specifically slaughtering things in dungeons, he's out killing indiscriminately, skinning beasts and stealing the cloth from everything else.
     Burn, baby, burn.

     Sinisterius is a jerk.  Plain and simple.  He craves power, more power, chocolate, and power on top of that.  If he hasn't killed you yet, it's because he hasn't gotten around to it or he hasn't yet figured out how.  Either way, don't trust him.
     The only people he won't kill are those who are specifically helping him in his quest for power, whether indirectly as they seek their own glory, or directly, as his demonic minions do.
     Given the chance, he'd gladly kill that Hyperious fellow and lock his oh-so-holy soul into a little rock, but somehow, they never seem to be in the same area at the same time.

     Sinisterius started off as a bank toon.  But one day, I was bored, and I decided to see what levelling a warlock was like.

     Holy crap.  DoTs on DoTs with a pet, self-healing, and unmitigated devastation? Yes, please!  Enchanter and Scribe are his professions, and I don't want to think about the sheer volume of herbs I've destroyed making inks for Mysterious Fortune Cards, only to find myself flipping them over rather than selling them.  It's not all bad, though.  I've managed to get 2 of the 5k cards, and I've only spent about 4k on herbs in total.  So that's lucky.

     Still, he's a jerk.  Don't ever forget it.

    Lastly, there's Mcslash.  Yeah, real original name, I know.  He's a rogue that sat at level 10 for about a year or so, then suddenly piqued my curiosity.  I remember hating rogues with an unholy passion in PvP.  Sneak-Sap-Slaughter seemed to be their thing, and in the days of full stunlocks, they were the embodiment of OP.  Hell, they still are. 
     So, I dusted him off, got a few more levels in him, and improved the gear a bit.  Then I went to town doing Battlegrounds.  Sneak-Sap-Slaughter is incredibly fun, and I can see now why I hated rogues so much.  It's because they weren't just killing me.  They were enjoying it.  More than any shadowy figure should be able to enjoy something.
     He's a leatherworker and an engineer, mainly because I didn't have either one yet and wanted to see all the fun toys engineers got.  Like Rocket Boots and Parachute Cloaks off the Lumber Mill in Arathi Basin.

     There are a few other alts spread out here and there on various servers, but nobody of any real consequence to me.  Mostly they're just toons that I'm trying to play the AH game with.  None of them are extraordinarily successful.

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