The Zero Damage Challenge

     What originally started as a challenge to a fellow blogger has become a challenge to any and all WoW players who are looking for a new way to play.

     How It Works

     It's very simple.  Pick a class and get all the way to the level cap without taking a single point of damage.  No falling damage, no standing-next-to-a-campfire damage, nothing.  If you can do that, you've played WoW in a way that most people simply cannot accomplish.  It will require knowledge of your chosen class, knowledge of every enemy you may encounter, and knowledge of every quest you do.

     The Rulebook

  1. No grouping up.  This is to prevent players from gaining XP and levels by standing around doing nothing while other characters do all the work.
  2. No RAF.  The bonus XP and free levels go against the spirit of the challenge.
  3. No mob-tagging to avoid the group rule.  Just don't.  Do this challenge right.
  4. Guilds are okay.
  5. There is no restriction on gear.  You'll probably want to rethink stat priorities, though.  Stamina will be useless for every class in this challenge.
  6. There is no restriction on enchants, gems, consumables, etc.  The point of this challenge is to travel the whole world of Azeroth without getting hit.  In order to do that, you'll need to make sure you're well-equipped.
  7. No dungeons.  First, this falls into the first rule against groups.  Second, joining random dungeons while trying to avoid taking any damage is possibly the worst idea anyone ever had about anything.
     If anyone has any questions about this challenge, feel free to leave a comment.  I'll be sure to clarify anything that needs clarifying right here.

     So, fellow players, get out there and push yourself to the limits! No damage, max level.

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